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    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    I have two SGs with that set. A standard and a Special T. They actually sound fairly different in the different guitars. My big guard standard is louder and punchier IMO. The Special T is a little darker and woodier sounding. But they both sound good. I just use the knobs on the guitar and amp...
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    Standard, Special or Vintage?

    Standard is always a good place to start when it comes to guitars.
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    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    It took me a little over 20 years of guitar picking to appreciate the understated and often overlooked elegance of the SG.
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    NGD: 2019 SG Standard in Pelham Blue

    Thats a beautiful guitar.
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    Different guitars sound different and the same.

    I think there is probably something to this
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    Different guitars sound different and the same.

    They're all a little different. Maybe something in the wood densities or just the way they fit together? I say embrace the differences.
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    Do you ever bend the neck on your SG like a poor man's whammy bar?

    I've bent the neck on my epi G400 just to see. Seems like a bad idea. Haven't done it on my Gibson. Probably wont.
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    How does the newest Standard compare..

    I’ve had 2 Standards from 2019 and neither had tuning issues at all.
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    How does the newest Standard compare..

    FWIW, I've had two 2019 Standards. They were two pretty different feeling guitars. The first one had a slimmer neck than the second one. Not that it was skinny per se, jus that the second one has a fairly fat neck. Also think the second one sounds more lively (especially unplugged) for whatever...
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    New Guy from Oklahoma

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Caleb and I live in Eastern Oklahoma. Long time guitar player but new to the SG. Always been a Fender guy but I picked up a Epi G-400 for cheap over the summer just to see what SG's were all about. Within a week or so was sort of like "oh ok...

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