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    About robot guitars---Is it true?

    Hi all, I was surprised to read the caption about Gibson robot guitar in a guitarshop site in Japan. "The circuit of the robot guitar cannot be repaired if it is broken." Is it true?? My daughter is now 20 months old. Time flies! :)
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    Gibson SG - serial number 92335399

    Hi My wife has a 1994 one. It's on the left.
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    Cheaper Mustang Project

    Looks far better with that tortoise pickguard! Nice mod! O0
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    Mustang Project

    Thanks guys, I'm now waiting for an ESP pickup coming... It's a single-coil-size humbucker.
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    Mustang Project

    I bought this Fernandes Mustang body/neck. I'm going to do some "easy" customizing. I made an extra cavity (don't know if this is the right word) for a Kahler. I left other cavities so that I can easily put a Dynamic trem if I want to. This is very easy! So easy that I got...
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    Goth G400

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    New Epiphone 1961 Special

    Whoa! I want one!! :Droolin: :Droolin:
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    Not for sale...

    Thanks. Uh...she looks like a boy. Most people take her as a boy and kinda say, "What a cute boy!" hahaha Well...little by little things start to be settled down seems to me that the gov takes follow-up measures. There still are a mountain of problems to solve. And yes, nuke...
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    Not for sale...

    Inspired by "School of Rock SG" pic. SORRY, NOT FOR SALE!
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    What Year & Model Could This SG Be?

    I think that's a modified SG Pro.;topic=21595.0;num_replies=1
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    Black Betty!!!

    :Droolin: :Droolin: :Droolin: 
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    Some new pictures of my 62 Ebony Block

    Beeeeeautiful!!!!! :Droolin:
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    1993 Korina SG

    Korina SG is one of my dream guitars.
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    Goth G400

    Great project!! I did the similar project before. Yes, I painted mine TV yellow, too! Be sure to take a lot of pics!!
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    Pacific Tsunami.

    guys, First of all, I thank you very much for many countries' rescue teams coming here to help us. And my family and I are quite safe and living as usual. Well, it's a nightmare. Things are going pretty bad. At the nuke power plant, a certain amount of radiation is leaking... Over 10 thousand...

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