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  1. Lunacy the Faded

    A song that embodys your SG

    In my mind this jam is Lunacy. Its a song I found online after joining the forums, so thats why im making a thread about it. Anyone have a song that reminds them of their guitar like this? It was recorded years before I ended up with the guitar. Listen to Crescentmoon by steelehead on...
  2. Lunacy the Faded

    Wild man

    I look crazy just took out some braids its only brushed in the front had to snap a pic of it
  3. Lunacy the Faded

    NGD! 1961 Special

    Scored this SG for $275 shipped to my door There it is all done up, it sounds and plays lively!! Out the box with all the case candy inside a bag in the soft case-- an instrument cable, picks and strap were bonus items. It was close to standard tuning with unplayed strings so I plugged it...
  4. Lunacy the Faded

    What model of G400?

    This is listed questionably incorrect.. G400 Standard Faded Root beer??? Anybody able to confirm what model and year this one is, I'm sure the Guitar Center would email more photos by request. Heres their link.
  5. Lunacy the Faded

    What was this potted with

    Pulled out of a 1989 Epiphone LP built in Samick Korea... Its kind of maroon flaky dry crap that isnt doing anything as the pickup is very microphonic and squealy. Obviously it has expired...
  6. Lunacy the Faded

    Nut abomination

    What do we have here? Interesting piece of plastic.. whats the shim? Is it all chewed up underneath? I want to get the bone nut in myself but first got to get to removing that.. I'm the third owner AFAIK
  7. Lunacy the Faded

    The new Gibson CEO is...

    James Curleigh, a proven retail giant with lots of positive financial results amidst past marketing activism. Most do not know about the political advertising campaigning. When he started at Levis he was "instrumental" in that cause. JC was called in to start at Levis by his peer Charles 'chip'...
  8. Lunacy the Faded

    2002 Special

    This SG is my favorite
  9. Lunacy the Faded

    These spooky blacks

    Whats up with these gothic SGs do they sound as dark as they look?? Thats the tattoo limited edition, heres the other one Im really digging the vibe of
  10. Lunacy the Faded

    Post uncommon finish Epiphone SGs

    Cherry sunburst Transparent Blue flame top
  11. Lunacy the Faded

    Help grounding issue

    My 1990 Epiphone SG has weird wiring I don't know why theres a buzz sound from it on high gain Unless I touch the jack, humbucker height screws or the three way switch... It then has almost no hum/signal buzz touching one of those and touching any of the three with the strings makes for no...
  12. Lunacy the Faded

    Recording of lead in Bm

    Playing with my 2002 SG Special Faded Cherry George Lynch Screamin' Demon Bridge Humbucker until 1:32 Epiphone HB6N Neck Humbucker for the second half
  13. Lunacy the Faded

    The early Epiphone SG

    Hey EverythingSG I had saved a photo of Angus Young of AC/DC with an early Korean epiphone that has its headstock logo covered with tape.. Then shortly after a local Facebook ad for an early one came up cheap and sold within hours... Here are the photos.. I actually searched a bit...
  14. Lunacy the Faded

    Check out these two sweet epiphone SG deals i found

    Ones a three humbucker SG in creme for $200 the other is a p90 special in cherry gloss with aftermarket parts for $280
  15. Lunacy the Faded

    Help! Neck binding on Epi SG?

    I don't know what year or if it is stock but it appears so, anyone have a guess at where it was made and what it should cost in dollars? Thanks
  16. Lunacy the Faded

    My first two Gibson's are these SG Specials

    2007 Faded Cherry and 2002 Faded Cherry
  17. Lunacy the Faded

    Blue Gibson Les Paul

    Hey NGD! 1997 Les Paul Studio "Gem Sapphire"
  18. Lunacy the Faded

    Old Epiphone SG 400

    Hey everyone first post here, I enjoy the SGs I've played over the years and this recent delivery I wanted to share with you all here. I own two gibson SG faded models (2002 fretboard ebony with moons & a 2007) and have owned 3 epiphone SG models (special MII, G400 MIC and G400 Pro MIC) this...

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