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  1. viper007

    NGD 1961 Les Paul SG Standard Custom Shop

    So pleased with this :smile:
  2. viper007

    NGD Epiphone Les Paul Custom SG

    Really like this :dude:
  3. viper007


    SG Original 2013
  4. viper007

    NGD SG Special

    Back in SG saddle again. Feels good!!! '][/URL] image sharing']image sharing[/URL]
  5. viper007

    NGD Jr 2016

    Gibson SG Junior 2016.
  6. viper007

    Some new recording..

    With my band "Hunk of Junk".
  7. viper007

    Anna Ternheim

    Been listen to her on and off for some time now.
  8. viper007


    SG Standard P-90. Love it! '][/URL] '][/URL]
  9. viper007

    Special 67 Reissue

    Have one of these in sight. Anyone have any experience?
  10. viper007

    Robert Gordon & Link Wray

    One of my early guitar heroes! R.I.P
  11. viper007


    Just discovered them and like it. Anyone else heard of them?
  12. viper007

    Samantha Fish with SG

    As showed in the "Girls with SG" thread Samantha also plays on an SG nowadays. I've been following her since "Runaway" time and really like her.
  13. viper007

    Change of rig..

    In the last years i changed rig from this to this and now to this Hope to keep this for a long time now!
  14. viper007


    Today i received my recently acquired Gibson SG Standard 2013. Was really worried that i wouldn't feel comfortable with the neck. But there was no need. Love the the neck. Couldn't be more happy! (I really suck as a photographer)
  15. viper007

    Hi from Sweden

    Been playing guitars for about 40 years. 30 with a Strat, 8 years with Les Paul R8 and 2 years with a Tele '52 Relic (which a lost interest in unexpectedly quick). Just bought my first SG, an Standard 2013 Cherry which i really looking forward too!

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