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  1. Girl_Rock

    Help and advice about G400 switching off while playing

    Hi, I'm writing this post because heard I'm not the only one to have a guitar that sometimes "switches off" while playing. Do you have a view on this? Does your G400 do this while you are playing it? The lastest time it happened was yesterday night. The guitar usually have problems with the...
  2. Girl_Rock

    First SG Project

    Lots of times I thought about building a guitar and yesterday it happened. Several days ago I measure my Gibson SGJ and realized a 2D CAD shape... ... then, bought a maple plank, I divided this shape in four pieces because our homemade CNC machine is too small to cut the whole body. So these...
  3. Girl_Rock

    New SGJ Sunburst

    Hi everyone, yesterday afternoon I was looking at the website of a music shop, when I saw this used SGJ of the 120th Anniversary for a good price. It's a Satin Vintage Sunburst of 2014. I couldn't let the opportunity go as if nothing was, so I told my mum the deal. €430, Gibson, used but in...
  4. Girl_Rock

    Help for an amp!

    Hi there, I want to make a strange amp/project… but I need some information which I don’t find easily. Thinking at the idea I have into my mind, it will be very small and the problem is the space behind the woofer, how many centimeters should I leave if I "close" the amp, like some small ones...
  5. Girl_Rock

    Me and my guitar!

    Hi guitarists, my name is Ilenia. I've been playing the guitar for 4 years. I started with a classical Yamaha C40 and the following year I bought my Epiphone SG G-400 Pro Cherry. I'm an AC/DC fan, but I also listen to KISS, Sabbath, Guns 'n' Roses, Zeppelin, Leppard, Motley Crue and other rock...

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