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  1. pancake81

    Single cut-away SG

    Perhaps a silly question, but did Gibson ever make a single cut away SG? I mean, they have double cut away Les Pauls, why not the other way around? Be interesting to see the sharp horn and thin body in a single cut away. I am sure I would hate it, but just curious if Gibson ever ventured there
  2. pancake81

    Editing a Thread - Post #1

    I have a thread I started that I am hoping to edit, but I do not see the usual "edit" button. Am I missing something, or for some reason can you not edit some posts? Thanks in advance, PC81
  3. pancake81

    Considering Other Guitars

    Question for you fine folks. I have 4 electric guitars. A 2001 Gibson SG 61 RI, a 2007 Custom, n Angus Young Custom shop and lastly a 2001 Epihone Sheraton. Yup, 75% SG's with a one off Semi Hollow. I have had others in the past, but I loved the weight and feel of the SG, any of them over the...
  4. pancake81

    ABR-1 differences. Help me out

    Hi all, I have two guitars with ABR-1’s on them, however they are mounted different and I was hoping you could shed some light on this for me. The first is what I understand to be traditional ABR-1 set up, with the thin studs going direct into the body. Not much for surprises here. I...
  5. pancake81

    Black light your Gibson - results?

    Hi all, Out of sheer curiosity I am thinking of buying a black light and seeing how my guitars look (as far as that vintage glow). Keep in my mind my guitars are not vintage, 2001, 2007, and a 2009. So basically ranging from 12 years old to 20 years old. Not really sure what to expect, but...
  6. pancake81

    Neck Angle’s - School me

    As mush as I love collecting and playing I am no where near a luthier. Sometimes I get reminded just how much I don’t know about construction. For example, I was going through the SG Wiki page that our very own PTL has created and looking up my guitars and diving into the specs. Then I...
  7. pancake81

    Gibson Garage - Nashville

    Well, after seeing the Gibson Garage YouTube release a few weeks back and with Covid restrictions lifting I decided to book some flights and come check it all out. Feels great be leave my country and be able to travel again. The Gibson Garage did not disappoint. Very well laid out and tasteful...
  8. pancake81

    Hey Look Ma, No Hands!! Warning, Neck dive related

    Must have been bored after playing this morning. Sent through my SG’s and did the no hand neck dive check. No concerns on neck dive at all with my set ups, and this is with Grovers on two of them and tuner on occasionally. It’s not like I snapped a quick pick before it plummeted, they stay up...
  9. pancake81

    Made to measure vs Signature model

    So with current prices on things like the Angus Young Model andTony Iommi Monkey being just out of this world, I got thinking. Would Gibson build you an exact model of a out of production signature model for substantially less than what reverb is asking? I get that it wouldn’t be considered...
  10. pancake81

    Epiphone Sg Jr. - Would you buy this one?

    Hi all, Found a local ad for an Epi SG Jr (Trans black), looks like a faded model. Seller is asking $175 but open to offers. Might try for $100 Canadian and see what he says. What do you guys think? Worth adding to the stable for that price? Might be a good one for my kids to learn on...
  11. pancake81

    Quality control Card

    Odd question for you from folks. Does anyone fill out the warranty portion on the QC card that comes with the Gibson from the factory? Is there a pro or a con to doing so? Additionally, has anyone ever received a subsequent one from Gibson? Occasionally on reverb I see folks say, “original QC...
  12. pancake81

    2018 Gibson SG Custom - OxBlood

    This is a beautiful guitar! It has a lot of features that I just think are absolutely stunning, such as block inlays, deep carves, nickel hardware, and my absolute favourite, that aged (yellowish) pearl in the headstock. Should I ever find one of these I will be very tempted. It would...
  13. pancake81

    “New” Iommi SG

    “Tony Iommi's iconic riffs, heavy tones, and massively influential albums created the blueprint for heavy metal and many other genres to follow. His career, like the man himself, is universally loved and revered. And while his innovative tuning and playing styles were a major part of his...
  14. pancake81

    Angus Young SG - Current Availability

    There are a handful of models I usually follow, either to potentially purchase or to monitor prices. There are multiple AY Signature SG’s and they are on my watch list on reverb, eBay etc to see what’s happening. As of the last few months the Angus Young’s Models (all of them) have been...
  15. pancake81

    Question about finish checking and “relic’d” guitars

    So nitro finishes get this beautiful checking in the finish over the years. Personally I love the look of a well kept guitar with natural finish aging. Like a good wrinkle. my question is, if you buy a new guitar that has been “aged” and had a bunch of finish checking, what’s happened when that...
  16. pancake81

    WTB: Gold Witch Hat knobs

    Looking for Gold witch hat knobs for a Gibson SG. If anyone one has a set on their bench not in use let me know. Also, if anyone has a link to some descent quality ones I would appreciate that as well. Stay safe and play in good health folks. Pancake81
  17. pancake81

    Wanted: Les Paul TRC for 61 RI

    Hi all, I am looking for a Les Paul TRC for my 61 reissue. If you have a spare on your bench let me know. Much appreciated, Stay safe folks. Pancake81
  18. pancake81

    2014 SG Special - Vintage Gloss Walnut

    This is a new one for me. Anyone ever seen/ played one? *USA Made* 2014 Gibson SG Special 120th Anniversary on Kijiji...
  19. pancake81

    What ever happened to... SuicideHummer!

    Seems he was a daily user for a long time, and then suddenly disappeared...? Anyone know him? Does he still come around these parts?
  20. pancake81

    Nitro vs Poly Cost?

    Just curious, what is the cost difference for a major guitar manufacturer to finish a guitar in nitro vs poly? I honestly have no idea, but other than assembly location this seems to be one of the big “differences” between USA made and off shore. Are we talking a huge amount or a mere $25 per...

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