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  1. Dave_Death

    My Peavey 6534+ got a tune up

    Well back before we recorded our demo in June my amp started to sound bad ... decided it was time for some new tubes. So I went online and did my research and in the end decided to replace the Ruby EL34BHT power tubes with another set the same, but I had to order them from the USA and they took...
  2. Dave_Death

    Sloven demo

    My band released its first demo on the weekend. You can listen here: My 2007 SG Special Faded Worn Yellow with the BK Warpigs is featured on the first half of Track 2 and the whole of Track 4. The rest of the guitar was done with the Epiphone...
  3. Dave_Death

    Anyone here buy an SG CM Black?

    I saw one on eBay US that was listed twice at US$1000 for no bids and eventually sold for US$900. Anyone got one and happy with it? I sometimes think of fitting one of these FRX trems to my...
  4. Dave_Death

    String spacing on SGs - 50mm or 53mm?

    I have three guitars with TonePros pre-notched Nashville style bridges in them, an Epiphone Explorer, an SG Special Faded, and an SG Standard. All three have Bare Knuckle pickups with the 50mm pole-piece spacing on the bridge pickup, long legs. I have just ordered a BKP Miracle Man bridge...
  5. Dave_Death

    WARNING: Hercules stands

    Most of you who have been read my contributions to threads on guitar stands will have noted my enthusiastic endorsement of Hercules stands. Well no more!! I've just had the oldest (2008) of my stands fail on me in a spectacular manner. The height adjustment hand grip simply exploded when I...
  6. Dave_Death

    Gumtree bargain: Randall RG25RXM $30

    Pick this up from some young Russian guy who I am assuming was given this by his father or something. Advertised it at $50 but accepted offer of $30 straight away. Nice little practice amp with two channels, 25W and a reverb tank.
  7. Dave_Death

    Cooked pot?

    Okay so I swapped the wiring harnesses in my SG Standard and SG Special Worn Yellow yesterday. The Standard now has the factory harness that came in the WY guitar and the WY guitar has the custom '50s wired harness that has been in the Standard for the last three years. I had some problems on...
  8. Dave_Death

    SG CM Black

    Has anyone bought one of these??? They look fully hectic! Coolest SG since the Menace of ten years ago. Floyd Rose FRM tremolo system and Dirty Fingers pickups. Just the two 500K pots and Grover tuners. There is a...
  9. Dave_Death

    First show nerves

    Anyone else here get very anxious when playing their first show with a new band? I played the first show for my new band Sloven last night and I was really hot on stage and sweating buckets all the way through. Sweat was getting in my eyes all the way through! I made a couple of mistakes (and...
  10. Dave_Death

    Big bedroom rigs ...

    Okay, what's the biggest rig you've been able to have in your bedroom? This is mine: You can probably tell from this that I am not married! 350W Peavey Mark VIII XP into a 4ohm Peavey Scorpion 115 cab.
  11. Dave_Death

    NPD x2: Boss DD-7 delay & MXR M-132 compressor

    I did some trades this week. With the exception of trading my MXR M-80 Bass D.I.+ for a bass cab that turns out did not have a Black Widow speaker in it (despite someone putting the BW Equipped plate on the front), which he has said he will take back, they all went well. Got rid of a couple of...
  12. Dave_Death

    Ashton VQ240BK V30-loaded 412 cab

    I picked up a second guitar cab this week in a trade for my Peavey Classic 30, which had a blown valve. I opened it up today and as I suspect it's Laney-style particle board under the tolex, but it has four 16ohm Chinese-made Celestion V30s in it, the same as in my Orange PPC412 cab. The...
  13. Dave_Death

    NPD (again!): Boss PS-6 Harmonist

    Another used Boss pedal purchase, this time a pitch shifter!! This one didn't come with a box. It still had the rubber foot on the bottom, but I peeled that off and then turned the cover plate over and applied loop velcro to match the hook velcro on my Pedaltrain boards. Will have to...
  14. Dave_Death

    NPD: Boss RC-1 Loop Station

    Okay okay so I finally bought a looper. I figure it will come in handy now that our band has only one guitarist and I have to actually play leads as well as rhythm ... Anyway so I bought the most idiot-proof one on the market and I think it will do everything I need for practicing on my own and...
  15. Dave_Death

    For the Peavey fans ...

  16. Dave_Death

    NPD: Boss RV-5 Reverb

    Traded my Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk II fuzz for a Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb. Both are older pedals and new and improved versions have come out recently (a smaller Swollen Pickle with an extra control and the Boss RV-6) but both were in very good condition. Glad to get rid of the Swollen Pickle...
  17. Dave_Death

    Vocal microphones

    What do people here recommend for vocal microphones? I am looking for something that will do a good job live and in the studio, preferably good for live work when the person doing vocals is also playing and maybe not holding the microphone up to his/her mouth with the mic on a stand
  18. Dave_Death

    Peavey closeout in Australia

    Allans Billy Hyde are ending their distribution deal for Peavey and are clearing out all Peavey stock. If you want to buy some Peavey amps, cabs, instrurments, accessories, in Australia now's your chance. They took over as Australian distributors in 2013 (I benefited from the fire sale held by...
  19. Dave_Death

    Squier Vintage Modified basses

    I have a Squier Vintage Modified '70s Jazz bass and the bassist in my band has a Squier Troy Sanders signature Jaguar (PJ) bass. Both of them have the Jazz type neck and control plate, but the Jazz has a maple fretboard and the jack mounted on the control plate with two volumes and a tone...
  20. Dave_Death

    What kind of bass is this? Grabber 3?

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