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  1. pedecamp

    Pickup Angle

    Take a look at my SG with a batwing pickguard notice the pickups are not parallel to the strings. Is this normal? The pickup is so stiff in the pickguard I cannot move it so it will be parallel to the strings, I thought if it was it would pick up sound better. I suppose this is normal for this...
  2. pedecamp

    New Amp Day - Marshall Content

    Here ya go, its the little one on top! SV20H - 20 watt Marshall Super Lead :yesway:
  3. pedecamp

    Spec For 61 Reissue 2012 SG

    Anybody have the spec for this, is it actually a 61 reissue or is that phony and its just a stock Standard? How to tell? It looks like a black Standard with small pickguard and the usual tulip kluson tuners.
  4. pedecamp

    SG Neck Measurements

    I have a 2005 faded SG and I'm looking at getting a 2017 or 2018 SG Standard that have slim tapered necks. I want to figure out what the neck profile is on my current faded in comparison to these guitars so I'll know if I'll like them or not, I wont be able to try before I buy. I do like my...
  5. pedecamp

    Gibson SG Standard - 2017 vs 2018

    I'm considering these guitars, I'm not sure which to go for, what are the differences if there are any?
  6. pedecamp

    Fender Band Master VM Head For Sale $400 Or B/O

    If you buy this directly from me you'll get the automatic ESG discount!
  7. pedecamp

    Dweezil Zappa's SG Repair

  8. pedecamp

    Fret Job And More

    I just had my guitar in for service for the first time, its a 2005 Gibson faded SG, I've played it a couple hours a day every day since I got it, you can imagine how destroyed the frets were, flat and string cuts in them, they just started fretting out on me and there was no way to adjust it out...
  9. pedecamp

    2017 SG Standard T - My Opinion

    I got my hands on one this weekend to check out in the local music shop. My first impression was the slim tapered neck was so thin and narrow, I wasn't sure I liked that, I'm used to a chunkier neck that's pretty much on every guitar I own no matter what the brand. My other concern was the...
  10. pedecamp

    Building a Music Studio

    I'm documenting the construction of my music studio over at, thought you folks here would be interested.
  11. pedecamp

    Burstbucker 1 & 2 in a SG

    Has anybody ever tried this combination in their SG? I have them in my LP and love their classic tone, was wondering how they would sound in an SG being that the LP has alot more wood and weight, how this might affect these pickups in a lighter guitar such as my SG - for better or worse.
  12. pedecamp

    Replacement Pickup Idea - SG Neck

    I've been wanting to replace the 490R neck pickup in my SG for something less muddy and I got thinking. I had this idea, what about a noiseless single coil for Strat tones but in a humbucker format, to look like my 490R but really only 1 bobbin is wound. Has this been done? Is there such a...
  13. pedecamp

    SG Content

    Glenn Tipton rocking an SG Judas Priest - Heading out to the Highway - YouTube
  14. pedecamp

    Hello from a new guy

    Been a long time member of marshallforum, thought I'd check out some of the other forums so I picked this one since I love my faded SG. I got mine in 2005, its brown and I replaced the bridge with a 57+ which I like very much. At some point was thinking of replacing the neck with a straight up...

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