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    Why I own tube amps...

    Answer = Economics. After over 40 yrs of playing guitar and buying/selling various amps, I generally find that tube amps tend to hold their value better than their SS/digital counterparts, especially those that're hand-wired or assembled using PTP or turret board construction, etc.* I'll admit...
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    FS: TC Electronics Ditto Looper X1

    Almost new in the box with instructions. Simple to use and works perfectly. $70 shipped in N. America (will ship int'l for a bit more).
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    WTB: GZ34/5AR4 rectifier tube

    Looking for older production tube, preferably made in Britain, Holland or US. NOS or tested ANOS will do nicely. Have cash or trade bait - tubes, pedals, speakers, P90 pickup, etc Thanks in advance!
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    FS: Phaez DaisyCutter 14W amp - combo or bare chassis

    This is one of the earliest 14W DaisyCutters that Randy built back in May '08. 2X EL84 power tubes and 2X 12AX7 pre/PI tubes, SS rectification. Laminated pine cab with plywood baffle/rear panel. Lots of gain on tap, and this one gets a fair bit of bottom end with the hybrid open-back cab...
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    FS: Boutique Dogear P90

    Sanford Magnetics model 9077 (A5) bridge dog-ear P90, black plastic cover. Had it in my LP Jr build for about a month, but decided to go with their 9022 (A2) instead. Sounds great, works perfectly, all the factory lead still there. US$60 shipped to N. America, a little more for int'l.
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    Steal my '70 Marshall JMP 50W Lead (model 1987) - I dare you!!

    Export smallbox model in very nice shape w/original trannies (two sources have told me this, anyhow), some original Mustard caps, excellent glass (NOS Tesla matched EL84's, various NOS pre/PI tubes incl. Mullard). Even comes with custom-fitted road case. Previous owner had done Metro effects...
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    Amps - whatcha playin' these days?

    I think all four of these are "keepers" as I'm quite happy with them: 1) '70 Marshall JMP Small Box 50W Lead (model # 1987) - "Captain Crunch" 2) '66 Fender Bassman 50W head (AB165) - great all rounder 3) '08 Phaez DaisyCutter 15W combo - near BF cleans to highly saturated gain in near...
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    SOLD - Celestion Greenback

    Primo shape, excellent sounding Greenback RI (12", 16 ohm). Would keep it but need 8 ohm speaker for the application I'm considering. SOLD - currently winging it's way to Toronto so some lucky stiff can enjoy it's great "woody" tone. :dude:
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    FS: Vintage Block Logo Distortion+

    '80 model in nice shape for the vintage. Has the desired 741 op amp and the vintage germanium clipping diodes for that smooth, musical tone that the modern Dunlop Reissue just can't replicate. This is the one that you want if you play a vintage Marshall (JTM/JMP/JCM) or Fender (BF/SF). Why...
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    FS: Gibson short Vibrola, '80 Distortion+

    Gibson short Vibrola unit from my '68 SG Junior. In good shape, non-original handle as mine was missing when I got the guitar. C/W all mounting hardware. $100 '80 MXR Distortion+ "Block Logo" model with coveted 741 opamp chip. Great shape for it's vintage. Sounds great very smooth and not...
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    Lumpy's Tone Shop SLPre Boost pedal

    Designed to emulate the preamp section of a vintage Marshall SuperLead, this boost has plenty of gain on tap. It's mostly smooth and uncolored until about 9 or 10 (out of 11) on the level knob, whereupon it starts to add some grit/character of its own. Comes in the nice small enclosure...
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    Custom control cavity covers for SG's?

    Can't seem to find a custom shop that can do these in mahogany. Anyone know of somebody doing this? If not, I can have my local luthier custom cut a couple for me. Thanks in advance...:fingersx:
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    FS/FT: Germanium goodness - SGFX Rock Machine

    Want vintage tone in spades? Looking for a good "always on" pedal to add a little boost and presence or perhaps thicken your tone up a bit? Look no further... SolidGold FX Rock Machine - YouTube Only played out 3X, so it's in great shape and velcro-free. C/W original box, etc. Hand-built...
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    NAD: Vintage 47 Supreme - fat, creamy octal tone

    Hastily put-together clip featuring crummy lighting, crappy playing and lousy sound (concrete garage floor) - what more could a person want? :naughty: Amp is a blast - just plug in, turn up and play. Lotsa harmonics and presence on board than you can't really hear in this clip, feeds back...
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    WTB: Celestion Blue, 8 ohm

    Need single solidly functioning unit, cosmetics not important. GB or Chinese version will do. Thanks in advance. :fingersx:
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    One pedal - what would it be?

    For me, I could get by with gain/dirt from my amps, so it would likely be something: a) that was essential to my sound, b) wasn't just a one-trick pony type effect, c) did a great job of all of it's assigned tasks (which disqualifies any multi-effects units I've used before, btw). I guess I'd...
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    New bridge day

    Now I really did it - screwed up royally! Went and put a Callaham steel ABR-1 conversion bridge in my Firebird V and now the Faber ABR-1 conversion bridge in my '74 SG Special sounds like @$$ in comparison. Funny thing was that the Faber sounded like a HUGE upgrade from the Nashville bridge...
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    FS: Gibson Firebird mini pickups

    Have a pair of the stock ceramic pickups from an '08 Firebird V for sale. Chrome covers, excellent shape. $80 for pair or will split if you want/need a single.
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    Phaser pedal recommendations?

    Only phase shifting effects I've owned are those in rack units. What would you recommend as a good sounding pedal alternative that won't break the bank (say under $175)? Thanks in advance.:applause:
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    NGD - more JS Moore pickups to order!

    New to me '08 Firebird V with the overly hot and incoherent stock ceramic magnet FB pickups. Order off to my old buddy JS Moore ( to try some of his alnico V FB pickups. Jon hasn't steered me wrong yet, he guarantees his work (or rewinds free!) and is one of the most...

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