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  1. pedecamp

    Headstock snapped right off

    Amazing repair, looks new! Who is this masked man that fixed it??
  2. pedecamp

    Biddlin' Foster

    Well said, RIP Biddlin...
  3. pedecamp

    Amp Recommendations?

    I thought the Supro Delta King 10 was a pretty cool amp I tried recently, check one out. Single channel tube combo, reverb, footswitchable gain and boost feature, they make a smaller and bigger version of the 10 if you prefer a different size but I thought the 10 was perfect!
  4. pedecamp

    490s, 498s, that are both stamped with "T" and not "T" / "R"

    490T is a bridge pickup, 490R is a neck pickup. If both your pickups have T then you have two bridge pickups.
  5. pedecamp

    SD Antiquity JB for SG Bridge???

    What do you think of the JB? Personally I think they are too hot and honky sounding, I suggest 57C or 57C+ depending what you like. Another good one is Burstbucker 2.
  6. pedecamp

    My first SG and I'm starting at the bottom of the pile!

    Plug it in and play it! See if you like it! :yesway:
  7. pedecamp

    BURSTBUCKER 2 or 3 or '61R ?

    Put Burstbucker 1 at the neck. Ive paid under $100 several times for used burstbucker pickups.
  8. pedecamp

    BURSTBUCKER 2 or 3 or '61R ?

    I just put a BB1 in the neck of my SG to get a bluesier and brighter tone than the 57C that was in there. Also put a 57C+ in the bridge to get a little hotter and darker tone than the 57C that was in there. So far so good although I am missing the 57C in the bridge a little bit. You can find...
  9. pedecamp

    Gibson 'Faded' Finishes

    I would wet sand it with very fine paper to get the drip marks out and leave it be. :yesway:
  10. pedecamp

    Who has upgraded Epiphone P90s?

    Not at the moment, I have alot of pickups and juggle through them.
  11. pedecamp

    Who has upgraded Epiphone P90s?

    I was pleasantly surprised how good the stock Epi pickups were in my LP! :yesway:
  12. pedecamp

    Pointers and witch hat knobs

    Bend the pointers flat
  13. pedecamp

    Please help identify this Custom Shop SG ('61 or '64?)

    I thought all the reissues were 61, I never heard of a 64.
  14. pedecamp

    NGD - The praise over the '57 Classics is well justified

    You are correct, good stuff! I have an SG with a pair of 57 Classics and it sounds fantastic, and another with 57 Classic Plus in the bridge which is a little bit hotter and darker sounding which is equally as good. :yesway:
  15. pedecamp

    Replacement nut and wiring harness suggestions

    Crazy glue the nut back together and move on. Make a harness yourself, you'll be proud of it regardless how it comes out. :yesway:
  16. pedecamp

    Small amp for unleashing the Sabbath terror!

    Good job I was gonna suggest the Rocker 15! That little amp has alot going on :yesway:
  17. pedecamp

    Nut on my SG is a bit wonky

    Probably nothing wrong with the nut, the guitar probably needs a complete setup since you put lighter strings on it, adjust the truss rod, adjust the bridge saddles for intonation, adjust the bridge height, adjust pickup height, put some graphite or vasaline in the nut slots. Might as well oil...
  18. pedecamp

    SG Homicide Frankentar

    That looks like it would be a fun restoration project, route out the holes in the back and fill them with new mahogany, patch the holes in the front, if it comes out good stain it if not paint a solid color. Maybe restore those P90's if salvageable, reuse the knobs, get a new pickguard and...
  19. pedecamp

    Neck relief

    If you have no fret buzz then no point in adjusting the neck, a new set of strings will make more difference. :yesway:
  20. pedecamp

    SG players that made you choose the SG

    Although I am an Angus fan, I got my first SG cuz I couldnt afford an LP! Some years later when I finally got my LP I found I play my SG more! There's nothing like an SG! :yesway:

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