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  1. DCCable

    Help identifying this pickup

    I need some help from those of you out there more knowledgeable than I am regarding Japanese/far eastern pickups. I am interested in knowing what company built this pickup and the country of origin, if possible. Its obviously a humbucker with a ceramic double high magnet. The screws don't go...
  2. DCCable

    Epiphone Genesis

    Hey guys, I'm looking at a black Epiphone Genesis at my favorite music store. It appears to be one of the Taiwanese 1979-1981 guitars. The thing I'm having trouble figuring out is the serial #, its at the body end of the fret board and is a 6 digit number with no letters, 0036xx. I have...
  3. DCCable

    Okay, I pulled the trigger on this one.

    GTX Black Beauty! Been chasing one of these for years. It will be my third GTX.
  4. DCCable

    Humbucker height and tilt

    This has come up on some other threads so I though I'd put my 2 cents in on a different thread. There is a lot of discussion on whether the slant of a HB pickup relative to the strings and of the height of the pole screws matters. After giving it some thought I don't think it matters. The...
  5. DCCable

    Marshall DSL401

    I guess you can call this a public service announcement, but I have a customer with a DSL401 with a blown power transformer. I just got the email back from Marshall USA this morning that the power transformers are no longer available for this amp. Mercury sells them for $212.00 plus shipping.
  6. DCCable

    Some of my fav tube amp sounds

    I thought I'd throw this up as an example of what I really like that tube amps can do. And no! its not me playing, not even close.
  7. DCCable

    Anyone up for a challenge?
  8. DCCable

    Tony Iommi SG with black hardware and pickups

    Hey guys, I have an opportunity to pick up a Tony Iommi SG Signature Epiphone for $360. Does this sound like an okay deal? The guitar seems to be in really good shape with no nicks or dents that I saw on first look. It seems to play well also. It does have all black hardware and pickup...
  9. DCCable

    Guitar intonation. Driving me crazy!

    Okay, I have questions regarding intonation of electric solid body guitars. SGs if you will. So I know that the bridge saddles in the case of a TOM bridge is how intonation is set after string height is set, neck truss rod is set and string clearance at the nut is set. My issue after going...
  10. DCCable

    2005 Faded Brown SG Refinish

    Okay as promised here is my finished 2005 faded brown SG that I took position of on 12/26/16 So, at least 60 or 70 coats of poly later, with a lot of sanding in between here we are. I also wound a set of pickups and replaced the nut with a bone nut.
  11. DCCable

    1985 SG Special in metallic green

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum with a question. I have an opportunity to buy a 1985 SG special. The owner claims its got a Tim Shaw in the neck position, has no pick guard and is metallic green in color. I have three questions: Did 85 specials come in colors, or is this a respray? Did...

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