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  1. thatbastarddon

    NAD: Silkyn Super 50- bargain for modders!

    Today, I woke up to the thud of a brand new 2007 amp landing on my doorstep four days earlier than expected. So...I finished my first cup of coffee, and then dragged this out of the box... 50watts with 2 6L6, and 6 12ax7 tubes. One 12inch speaker... Eminence Legend. Two channels, with reverb...
  2. thatbastarddon

    RIP Lemmy.

    Sad to say, no more Lemmy...end of an era...killed by death.
  3. thatbastarddon

    NPD T.C. Ditto pedal...

    Oh my, what a cool tool for writing, and learning!!! I felt the need to share the joy! This is my first store bought pedal in years, and it has proven to be both exciting, and useful as a learning, and writing tool. A simple looper pedal is great for all kinds of stuff. The interface is as...
  4. thatbastarddon

    New project V day: more moons

    Yay! My first Flying V! I've flirted with the idea since playing a friends V when we were kids... I was just never able to pull the trigger...until now. It's a bit of a beater, fresh from the butcher shop, with some miles on the clock for sure. It has some mild fretwear, but a smooth looking...
  5. thatbastarddon

    NAD New to me Crate VC2112

    Today, i received a Crate VC2112RB. A surprisingly large sounding small amp. :) Another new tool to learn how to use...built in the hayday of grunge, this thing looks a bit like a blues jr, but wants to sound like a jcm 800. Pic's It arrived in a very scary looking package that may...
  6. thatbastarddon

    NGD Mexi-Martin! Thanks Colonel!

    I bumped in to this guitar this past Saturday, on my lunch break. I remembered the Colonel's entry in the "best kept secret" thread, and... It plays very nicely. The neck profile is similar to an SG rounded profile. Rock solid tuning stability so far. I had a chance to play it live, and plugged...
  7. thatbastarddon

    Anyone want to help flesh out my crescent moon project?

    After much time spent admiring Biddlin's Five Moons SG, I have taken a plunge, and ordered a 2002 faded special with crescent moons. It is just a husk. Literally... just body, pickguard, neck(with nut), and trussrod cover. Any suggestions for bridge, and tailpiece...pickups...pots, and...
  8. thatbastarddon

    My first Gibson mod

    Well, i never thought i would do it... But... I have installed a trem on one of my Gibsons. Hell, it's the first trem I've had on a guitar in 15ish years (other than the one i never use on my strat). I know how you all are about pictures, so here are a couple of quickies... I know...
  9. thatbastarddon

    Hi! What a nice place you have SGs

    Hi, and thank you all for the educational material that you have made available here. I would proclaim it to be a NSGD, but it has been more of a NSGMonth for me as i have picked up two new SGs in the past month... Lets see if i can figure out how to post an image... It seems that i have...

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