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  1. Torren61

    1999 Gibson SG Supreme Fire Burst... $3000

    I bought this guitar in September and now I'm selling it. Why? Because I'm selling ALL my gems (except my 1970 Gibson ES335) so I can buy a high end Santa Cruz acoustic. I need around $10,000. I'm asking $3000 for this first year SG Supreme. I have it listed for higher on Reverb so this is...
  2. Torren61

    My Amps And Cabs

    Top to bottom. Filmosound 1X12 Fane A90, '79 Bassman 70, '91 Crate Vintage 50 de Lisle Studio 15P and matching 2X12 cab G12H Celestions, '73 Marshall Lead JMP50, '53 Champ Amp, '60 Ampeg Rocket R-12, Emery SuperBaby with 1X10 Weber, '75 Music Man 65R behind the Ampeg '69 Bassman, '64 Fender...
  3. Torren61

    My Guitars

    Left to right. 25th anniversary PRS McCarty, 2005 American Deluxe Strat, 1970 ES-335, 1999 SG Supreme, 1999 Les Paul Standard, 2019 Redwood Tele Partscaster 1976 Ibanez Custom Agent, 2003 PRS Soapbar SE, Red Special Tele Tribute, PartsCaster with two 60s Fender single coils and a Gibson T-top...
  4. Torren61

    NGD: 1999 SG Supreme Fireburst

    It's finally NGD. YAY! This is, as the thread title suggests, a 1999 Gibson SG Supreme Fireburst. This was the first year for SG Supremes and they phased out the P90s by 2001. I've always liked these. 24 fret ebony fingerboard with split diamond mother of pearl inlays. P90 pickups. Gold...
  5. Torren61

    Does This Look Right?

    I bought this 1999 SG Supreme with P-90s. I took the cavity control cover off first and found this. Then, I pulled the P-90s to have a look at the back of them. Nowhere does it say "Gibson". Are these correct for this guitar? I figured the part glued to the control cavity plate is...
  6. Torren61

    1953 Fender Champ Amp Restoration?

    I purchased a 1953 Fender "Champ Amp" chassis from a Reverb seller. It was a chassis only with no cab. The price was fair, in my opinion. Now, what to do with it? I took it to my amp tech to do the usual and preventative maintenance. I don't like orange caps so none were used. He got the...
  7. Torren61

    '73 Marshall JMP Lead 50 Restoration

    I bought this Marshall head a year or two ago. I probably should have passed on it with the replaced output and power transformers and the other wiring that was done but I didn't. I didn't realize how much was missing or replaced until I went to the Marshall forum and was enlightened. That...

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