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  1. Hairless_Ape

    Happy NMMSGD!

    Here she is! :thumb: The best thing about this guitar? It is simple and loads of fun. The hot hot hot ceramic pic pickup begs for blues and punk. It really responds well to slightest adjustment in attack...awesome. I'm not missing having a tone knob as much as I though I would. Fit and finish...
  2. Hairless_Ape

    How much does your SG weigh?

    A post by Alligatorbling over at MLP inspired this thread. He noted - like I have - that his 60's Special Tribute is light as feather. I'd been meaning to pop my SG's on the scale to see exactly how much heavier my Standard is, and his comment got me to finally do it. So here are my numbers...
  3. Hairless_Ape

    HNSGD! Standard Limited in VSB

    What can I say...SG's are my favorite guitars. So when I saw this SG Standard on MF for $767 "used" I just couldn't help myself. I'm not sure how to describe the neck on this thing. It's not an overly thick baseball bat neck, but it feels wide. Especially above the 12th fret. It's different...
  4. Hairless_Ape

    Sorry...I'm not house broken

    So you'll have to forgive me if I make mess. I love the SG, and unlike SOME of these n00bs I actually own one. I own a Gibby 60's Special Tribute and have SG Standard on it's way too my doorstep any day now. Here's all my ladies lined up...

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