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  1. Roca

    Distortion Pedal Buzz

    I have a 61 RI maestro and I am having a problem with a loud hum when I kick on my boss distortion pedal. The hum goes down when I touch the strings. I have tried it with other guitars and don't have this problem. Any ideas?
  2. Roca

    Need a case.

    Can't find any info on it but what case did you guys buy for your g400 66 reissues? Mine came with a roadrunner gig bag but it's a little short. Most of the time I hang my guitar on the wall. I want something simple, iexspensive but good just to take it with me to the shop or occasional trips.
  3. Roca

    New case?

    What do you think about these?
  4. Roca

    66 reissue nut

    I want to get a new tusq xl nut on my 66 reissue. I can't find a 1.68 that fits. They show two different 1/4 inch. One for pre 2014 and one for after. What, if any, have you guys found?
  5. Roca

    Yes please!!!
  6. Roca

    Contemporary squire

    I was at gc yesterday trading in my blackstar 10 v2 for an orange crush 12. A nice blue strat with matching headstock caught my eye. So I strolled over to check it out. $399 for a squier contemporary sss. So I go to pick it up to strum a few chords. Damn near dislocate my shoulder trying to pick...
  7. Roca

    Do stripes look good on an sg?

    I would like to customize my 66 RI some day and I was thinking about some old school hot rod or lowrider pinstripes. What are your opinions? I'm not looking for too much like full body. Mainly just fill in the open body under the tailpiece. Possibly a few extra accents. Almost like the minimal...
  8. Roca

    Feeling loopy

    I need suggestions for an inexpensive Looper pedal. Less than $50 US.
  9. Roca

    Pearly Gates

    I have a 2016 66 reissue and I am thinking about some pearly gates for both pickup replacement. Let me know what you guys think. Post some videos and audio too. I will be running it through a ID core 10.
  10. Roca

    Sting comparison

    I have a 2016 66 reissue g400. Planning on a string change but can't decide between Ernie ball regular slinky or Ernie ball regular cobalt. Would like to hear some of your wisdom about both. Thank you.
  11. Roca


    Got a new amp today. Line 6 classic 15w. I really like it! Lots of possibilities and great ease of use. All four preamp are great. As a beginner I think this will help me find my "sound".
  12. Roca

    Home Practice Amp

    What is your go to home practice amp? Mine is a Kustom kga10fx. I really enjoy the range. Post pics and some details please!
  13. Roca


    Got my limited edition custom g400 today from GC. I'm happy. Wished the would have cleaned it a little bit. Told it was in great condition. Tone selector switch does not work. It moves up and down but stays in bounces back to the middle position. Glad I got a good deal and a soft case too! Pics...
  14. Roca

    model info

    I'm buying a used g400 pro. I checked the number on the neck and found out it was built June 2016 in china. What do the last four numbers mean? Are they just the number of that particular guitar in the run or are they model specific?
  15. Roca

    Can't Decide!!!

    I have always loved SG's. I had a squier years ago, but never learned to play. I recently bought my 12 year old daughter a maestro acoustic. So I have decided to get my own guitar, but I can't decide between a g400, or a g400 pro. Any ad vice is appreciated. Like I said I don't know how to play...

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