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  1. oldrockfan

    RIP Malcolm Young :(

    heavy heart learning that Malcolm passed away. I know he was suffering from dementia and it is a horrible disease so glad he is no longer suffering but shame to loose another piece of one of the greatest bands from my youth. Angus would not have been what he was without brother Malcolm holding...
  2. oldrockfan

    The worst SG player is...

    everyone posts who they think was the greatest SG player but I have never seen a post to ask who was the worst one... So my nomination for the worst SG player on youtube
  3. oldrockfan

    Anyone who wonders who influenced AC/DC... here is the answer

    Make no bones about it... Humble Pie was a big influence on AC/DC. Just listen to this song by Humble Pie and tell me you don't think this was an influence on a very famous AC/DC song!
  4. oldrockfan

    talk about an odd mix of songs... setlist from upcoming gig

    Just thought I would share the set list from a gig I have coming up. Talk about a weird mix of music! This is what happens when several musicians get together to make suggestions of what songs we play for a classic rock set I guess HEHE! The ones I marked are all songs I have to sing lead on...
  5. oldrockfan

    I am doing a gig in 6 weeks... what guitar/amp to use?

    Hey guys... would you believe I actually have a gig coming up in 6 weeks and am wondering what I should do. It has been many years since I have done formal gigs but an event came up at an airport and they were needing someone to help with vocals and some rhythm guitar. It is going to be classic...
  6. oldrockfan

    Decided to Build myself a 1x10" cab today

    I was shopping for small cab to go with my sons micro terror today and was shocked at how high cabs have gone price wise. I tried out the little 1x8 orange cab but it just didn't sound very good to me. I looked at the orange 1x12 cabs and they were well over $300 which is crazy! So I just...
  7. oldrockfan

    Derek Trucks and Eric Clapton live in san diego is on axis tv now!

    SG fans... Derek Trucks is a great upcoming player and he can really play an SG!!! He is playing with Clapton live on axis tv right now and it is excellent :cheers: My younger son and I had the chance to hang out with Derek a few years ago at an event in Dallas. He was a humble and very down to...
  8. oldrockfan

    overdrive pedal review using mexican strat

    Just uploaded our latest music gear review. This time, we compare the digitech bad monkey vs the boss blues driver using a Mexican strat thru a micro terror in clean mode. I uploaded a special thumbnail pic to list this video on youtube. Will be curious to see if that influences the views. The...
  9. oldrockfan

    spotted an SG being used live with Johnny Depp at the music award show tonight

    For all the SG fans... AXS TV has an SG on a band featuring Johnny Depp. Little sloppy but still interesting to see Johnny trying his hand at guitar.
  10. oldrockfan

    american strat vs made in mexico strat shootout

    My son and I started doing music gear reviews on youtube. It has been really fun and we just uploaded a video comparing the American and Mexican strats. Our channel is called music gear shootout on youtube. If you have a few minutes to kill...we are open to any suggestions, comments or any...
  11. oldrockfan

    Orange Tiny Terror vs Vox Night Train music gear shootout

    My son and I posted up another music gear review today. This one is a shootout between the vox night train which is a switchable 7/15watt all tube amp and an orange tiny terror which is a 20 watt hybrid tube amp. An orange 1x12 cab was used for the shootout and we used my trusty Gibson SG...
  12. oldrockfan

    gear review between SG classic and stratocaster

    My 23 year old son and I have decided to start up a youtube channel to review music gear. I thought it would be fun to make the very first comparison between my favorite two styles of guitars... the Gibson sg and fender strat. We would both appreciate if you take a look at give us any...
  13. oldrockfan

    how about a thread just for tube amps!

    ok, I saw the thread for solid state amps and thought... hey why not a thread for the members who are still old school and love the tube amps! Ok jump in if you love playing a tube amp or even if you used to have a tube amp and loved it. I will start by saying I love tube amps still. I hear the...
  14. oldrockfan

    I can't believe I bought this amp!

    The very last thing in the world I thought I would buy at my age and current situation (just play for fun in my little music room). So here is what happened... I travel quite a bit with my job. One of the things I always enjoy doing when traveling is checking out the local guitar stores and pawn...
  15. oldrockfan

    Great special on Black Sabboth on cable tv

    For those of you who get AXS tv... there was a great special on black sabboth that I watched this week. They usually repeat them a few times so if you can find it... be sure to watch. It was an excellent history that focused on Ozzy but had good insight on the entire band. I will warn you that...
  16. oldrockfan

    another cool thing from Canada!!!

    Ok if you have not tried the ruffles all dressed flavor, you need to go buy a bag. I don't know what they put on them but I tried my first bag of them this week and let me just say they are great! Apparently they are the most popular flavor in Canada and I can see why. Go get some eh!
  17. oldrockfan

    any other trek fans out there?

    I grew up watching the original star trek series on tv and have gone to every movie over the years. Although some movies were better than others... I have really enjoyed the re-boot with the new actors. Just got back from the latest movie at the theater and it was fun! Won't post spoilers but...
  18. oldrockfan

    what the heck is pokemon go?

    I don't get it... what is the deal with pokemon go? Seems everyone else I know on facebook is involved. I understand it is a phone game but that's about all I know. Anyone doing this craziness? I have some grown well adjusted adults telling me I just have to play it. To that I just say why?
  19. oldrockfan

    oh now I would like to get political... but I wont

    I know politics is a no-no so I will just say I think I saw a pig fly yesterday. :mad:
  20. oldrockfan

    My secret crush on an SG player!

    Ok I have a confession that I've had a thing for Nancy Wilson since college many years ago when I saw you in concert. Now I just watched a concert on tv and she was playing an SG :naughty: The woman looks smoking hot for her age!!! Her playing might not be all it used to be but who cares... she...

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