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  1. JCarno

    2013 SG Original. NOT MINE
  2. JCarno

    Can't believe how many hits them spam threads are getting.

    The lowest is 20 and the highest is 35. :shock: Those threads are DANGEROUS!! I get the heebee jeebees just seeing them on here. :ohno: Please don't click those threads unless you're reporting them, then be sure to have your Malware/Adware and Virus protection on full blast!! :fingersx: Pisses...
  3. JCarno

    Don't need another SG but this one has piqued my interest Any one here have one of these? How do you like the mini's? I've never played a guitar with them. I have a 2009 SG Classic with P90s. Are mini's in the same ballpark? Any and all opinions appreciated. Thanks!
  4. JCarno

    Another amazing SG

    RARE 2011 Gibson SG 50th Anniversary 12 string Japanese Edition Damn! Wish I had alot of disposable income. WTF is the deal with trying to upload pics here? Click link for more pics and description. I give up.
  5. JCarno

    WOW!! Check out this SG

    Not mine. No affiliation. But thought you guys would enjoy it. I bet for the right price he'd ship it. I tried uploading more pics but only one appeared. You have to read the description to really appreciate what it is.
  6. JCarno

    For those who replaced their Min E Tune

    What tuners did you replace it with? Did you have to do any mods(besides drilling) to get them to fit? I recently replaced the e tune on my 2014 SG Standard with some Gotoh locking tuners. I know, 1400.00 SG and 40.00 tuners. The problem is, that the holes left by the e tune are huge. The...

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