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  1. Silvertone

    Gibson "rule of 18" rosewood fret board

    Gibson has changed their scale lengths over the years. Most just call it 24.75" but very few were actually 24.75". They have used 24 5/8" (24.625"), 24 9/16" (24.563") and "rule of 18" which is a scale developed with a different algorithm to most modern scale calculations. Unfortunately, if...
  2. Silvertone

    How did Gibson cut the bevels on an SG?

    Just wondering how Gibson cut the bevels on an SG back in the day? I assume it was done with a pin router with a shaper? Does anyone have any images to show how this was done. The edge of the template would have to move in and out of the outline of the body so it would cut different depths...
  3. Silvertone

    1961 SG Standard build

    Good afternoon. I have been building a few SGs lately and have always been interesting in vintage Gibsons. So I thought I would build myself a replica of the first SG, which was actually named the Les Paul. I'll be asking for help with any info that the knowledgeable people on this forum would...
  4. Silvertone

    Walnut SG

    Merry Chirstmas everyone. I might as well start a thread for this build. I cut some test bodies for an replica SG body I modeled and cut for a friend. One was a curly maple and the other was a Black Walnut body. I want to build this Walnut body up and give it to a friend's son for a birthday...
  5. Silvertone

    Clapton's SG - the Fool

    Hello everyone. I have a friend that would like a replica body and neck for the aforementioned guitar. I know of the guitar but have not looked into the exact year or even found really well shot photos. I'm wondering if someone here can help me with some information? Thank you very much in...
  6. Silvertone

    Neck Day - Vintage LP Style

    Neck day in the shop. I usually use a jig on my bandsaw to cut head stock angles and then my router table for truss rod access. I bought a bunch of the Stew Mac low profile truss rods and I'm not a big fan of using them in an angled head stock guitar. The route has to be quite deep at the...
  7. Silvertone

    What's on your workbench?

    Didn't see one of these threads posted here yet? These seem to be pretty popular on other forums. So let's get this one started. If it already exists, someone please bump and the mods can delete this thread. Here we go. Here's what's on mine. A new batch of stainless steel fret slotting...
  8. Silvertone

    Brazilian Rosewood fret boards - CNC machining

    So a friend of mine got his hands on a really nice plank of Brazilian rosewood and I have been tasked to take this one board and get as many fret boards as I can out of it. The board is 75" long, by 5" wide and 3/4" thick. Looks like I shoould be able to get 16 boards total out of this piece...
  9. Silvertone

    SG new build

    Hello everyone. I am embarking on a new build. This will not be a replica build as it will not have a G headstock and will be made with completely different wood. I would however like to create this as a close approximation of the fabled SG. I have scoured the internet and downloaded some...

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