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  1. Gillean

    NAD - Victory V50

    Getting some very good vintage marshall tones out of the v50 - just a bunch of random riffs I`m absolutely stoked with this amp Gear used: V50 the earl 1x12 Orange loaded with a heritage greenback Mic-Sm57 Gibson SG special (loaded with mojotones 59) Amp is in the pushed clean channel + a...
  2. Gillean

    Homesick christmas - Guitar track

    I'm from Brazil but I live in Europe, was feeling very homesick today, this came out. (its based on a trainwreck song) Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Gillean

    The Revstar Embassador is back (self proclaimed)

    Guys, if you can, please try this guitar. It has changed my guitarrist life, absolutely awesome piece of gear. RIFFAGE O DOOM! Miss you guys!
  4. Gillean

    Classic 60s strat (bkp mothersmilk pup) + AC15 + OR15

    No pedals, lowish volume, hope you enjoy! I'm absolutely in love with this pick ups, I though it would be a minor upgrade as I already liked my pick ups quite a lot, but since a pro players here in romania, who also happens to be his own luthier and builds his own guitars (and they are awesome)...
  5. Gillean

    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    Anybody else rocking a THR? I can see that the katana is the new champ all around, but I really dont see the need to upgrade with this great little amp.
  6. Gillean

    Revstar RSP - kinda of a review

    So, It took me a while to prepare the review because, well, it`s kinda sad to me what ended up happening. To begin with, let me tell you what made me choose this one. I went to UK determined to buy a PRS, tried a bunch, loved almost each one of them. Couldn’t decide which one to get, was almost...
  7. Gillean

    Tone Pros AVT-II - help required

    Guys, anybody have experience with the TonePros AVT-II bridge? I just bough a Revstar-RSP that comes with it and absolutely cannot lower the bridge. any help is most welcome, thanks in advance
  8. Gillean

    Help with wet dry rig and dual mono

    Guys, need quick help. Short story: my gear is already sent to the place I'll be plain but I will only get there a few hours before the gig. I'll have the opportunity to play with 2 amps there (silverjub 25 and ac30). My pedal board is very simple (Archer - KoT - vibe - chorus - ad9 pro...
  9. Gillean

    I'm about to get a new guitar - any advise?

    So, I will be playing in a Tool cover band and I was planning to get a more modern sounding guitar. At this moment I have the SG (with 59s PAFs from mojotone, they are quite bright not that amazing for heavy sounds), the LP junior (P90) and a strat. Love the 3, keep the 3 of them in standard...
  10. Gillean

    trying something different - Bossa Nova

    no SG on this one, but im trying to create a set list of bossas to play with my wife at weekends.
  11. Gillean

    Composing sunday relaxing songs

    or at least trying :-p Hope you enjoy.
  12. Gillean

    Upgrading my strat and my LP special - advice needed (again!)

    So guys, at this point in life I'm f(*&¨$% happy with all I guitar I own (sg special, Lp special DC and Strat classic 60) The SG is already as upgraded as it needed to be to sound exactly as I want it to. so no need to touch that one. The LP first: It has absolutely no mods at this point. and...
  13. Gillean

    did some damage to my gibson headstock - assistance needed

    Guys, there is a huge scratch on my headstock, dont really know where it came from. It is not deep, its actually so shallow that if you pass your finger throught it and do not feel it, but its not the cool kind of ding that I dont mind. Is there any kind of solvent that could fix this...
  14. Gillean

    NGD and NPD!!! They finally arrived!!

    I just did 2 absolutely perfect purchases. The fender classic 60s strat I got used for 400Eur, and it's just exactly what I wanted from a strat, sounds and play perfectly, the neck is wide and the fretboard flat. Perfect. Not to mention this Vibe... god, what was I loosing by using a digital...
  15. Gillean

    1 piece body VS 2 piece body

    Hey guy, would you kindly share your knowledge with me about this subject? let me explain a little more. (skip to final paragraph to go straight to the question) I was recording some videos this weekend with the Gibson SG special and I was noticing that because of the lighting in the room it...
  16. Gillean

    Help me find my strat!

    So guys, I decided what visual I want on a strat, could you help me discover which year / models have that look? sound wise, I`m looking in 3 single coils vintage sounding instrument. my budget is 2k euros, maximum. But i`d like to spend around 1k euros. being a used instrument is...
  17. Gillean


    me trying to play satriani riffs...
  18. Gillean

    The Jam tread - with jam and backing track

    Hello everyone, so, picking up from a latter tread, here is me jamming, and I'd like everyone to jam with me!! Lets have some fun, there is a link to download the backing track below!
  19. Gillean

    Requesting your lovely input - Practice AMP

    So, I love my OR 15, but its f(*&[email protected]# loud. I used less than 50% of volume on any shows I've made (from 50ppl to 250), and to get the tones I love while practicing I'm bothering my neighbours. They are lovely ppl, they dont really complain, but I know I am. I have this one amp in mind...
  20. Gillean

    Another NPD!!! DOOOM!!!!! Scarab Fuzz!

    this one sadly was not a gift from someone else, but definetely the perfect gift from me to myself :) this thing is EVIL!!!! A little bit of sounds. I set the pedal as crazy as I could, and tried to find that spot where it kinda sounds broke, but it isnt haha! (and played whatever the heck...

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