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  1. DFLCC

    The ladies

    Just got my hands on a 2016 Standard P-90. I had a classic a few years ago and sold it to get some other guitar I can’t even recall today. Well it happens to be one of the guitars I have regretted get rid off. Well now the remorse are gone by adding this beautiful guitar to my collection...
  2. DFLCC

    NBD-Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

    I went to the local GC and for so reason I was looking at basses instead of guitars and this bass caught my attention. I have not played bass in a long time. I started on bass back in the day, so it was a matter of time until it called me again. The Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass called and I...
  3. DFLCC

    NGD - Some seriously cool LP. Gibson Slash Les Paul

    Well, I really feel lucky. This just released and I was able to get my hands on one of them. She is a beauty.
  4. DFLCC

    NAD - Mesaboogie Mark V 35

    As you guys know I have been looking and researching on the Mark V 35 for a couple of months. This amp seems to be fairly elusive to test drive as many retailers don’t carry it. But I managed to locate a local dealer, J&E Guitars in Las Vegas, and got to finally test drive one. So small and huge...
  5. DFLCC

    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo...Go.
  6. DFLCC

    NAD-PRS Sonzera 50

    I could not let this one pass. Bought it for $450, which I think is fairly cheap. It has some cool options like independent reverb and brightness switch for each channel. Looks great and sound amazing. It’s now my bedroom amp although is fairly loud. I am enjoying it so far. Maxon 808 on the...
  7. DFLCC

    Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

    Not much here just want to know which one you prefer and if you would like to share why, feel free to post your thoughts. Thanks
  8. DFLCC

    NAD - Yep

    Friedman BE100-DLX 100W
  9. DFLCC

    NGD - XMAS GIFT - 2018Gibson SG HP

    2018 seems to by closing big for me. My wife and kids really surprised me when I found this case under the XMAS tree. Impressed by the aluminum Gibson case, I could not wait to look inside. What a beauty, 2018 Gibson SG Standard HP in an outstanding Cobalt Blue paint job. Amazing Flame...
  10. DFLCC

    The Ultimate Rig

    What if you could have every amp you ever dream. Them what if you could have that and a few more, actually much more and I meant a lot more. Well, enter the Kemper Profiler Amp and the dream comes true. Kemper Profiler Amp Rack Mount 600W, Friedman EXT212 and Music Man Monarchy Majesty in...
  11. DFLCC

    Kemper Profiler Amp

    So I got one of this babies and I can not stop tweaking with it. I am really impressed by the quality and realism of this profiling amp. The collection of amp included in it is pretty extensive. I added some M.Britt profiles and I am really digging it. Managed to make my own profile of Blackstar...
  12. DFLCC

    Any 2019 Black Friday magic?

    Anyone found any 2019 Black Friday gear at bargain price? I kind of did. Got me a MIM Fender Telecaster P-Bass sunburst from Musicians Friends. It totaled about $100 in savings. Always wanted one and missed on Stings signature model before. Will pics when it is delivered.
  13. DFLCC

    Going Crazy

    Sold all my SGs and Les Pauls. Got me a Music Man Majesty in Majestic Purple and a Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 60s reissue in classic tobacco burst. Enough said; The Les The Majesty
  14. DFLCC

    Backseat passenger-NAD

    An unusual backseat passenger but nevertheless a really cool and quiet. At least until I get home where I will unleashed it and see all it can deliver. BlacKStar HT60 MKII
  15. DFLCC

    NGD-Kiesel Vader X

    Finally here; impressive build, awesome looks and amazing tone. I am going to have to get used that it is headless. No more to say just enjoy. I will review later.
  16. DFLCC

    NGD-Green Enough

    Not much to say here. I was offered a green Ibanez guitar dirt cheap by a coworker and because it was so cheap I paid without looking or even asking what model it was. Well I was not ready for any of what came a day after. Today I got; A Neon Green, 2012 Ibanez S1XXV, commemorative of the 25th...
  17. DFLCC

    NGD-Desolation followed me home.

    Super cheap, used Charvel Desolation SK-1 but in great shape, neck through with a three piece mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, compound radius 12:16, mahogany body. Avalon inlays and bindings with Flame Maple Top in a transparent black with a dark moss green tint. Top that with EMG 81/85 and a...
  18. DFLCC

    Your three must have pedals.

    If you are out on a gig and you could only use three pedals, an amp and a guitar; what three pedals you must have. Given the Guitar is an SG. The amp has reverb and sure a nice clean and OD channel. Go.
  19. DFLCC

    Could save Gibson

    The chatter has been how Gibson is going down. Gibson is an outstanding part of music history and it would be sad to loose such an icon. So the problem is debt, something we all know a little about. As the economy strengthen so should have Gibson. The problem is that is not happening. Why? Could...
  20. DFLCC

    To Kiesel not to Kiesel

    Well, I know I have every guitar I dreamed off as a kid and then more. But I have been contemplating adding a Kiesel V6 Custom shop made to my specs and likes. Then that should be it for me. (Rhetorical) Or is it really it? Well it should. Would you do it? Why?

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