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  1. Derald

    NGD: Lefty Gibson SG Standard

    Maybe your bridge needs a little more output. You could swap in an A5 magnet to change up the voice. Or any number of bridge pickups in the 8-9k output range. I have a Saturday Night Special with an A5 in the bridge and also a Gibson BB2 in the bridge of another SG. This setup covers basically...
  2. Derald

    SG Jr just won’t stay in tune

    I’m a lefty too. I set it up myself. If it doesn’t play nicely after then I send it to my local tech for $55 and it plays like a dream. I would never send a guitar back because of a setup issue. You said yourself it’s not setup yet. That’s the first place you start with any guitar regardless of...
  3. Derald

    Some Quick Questions About SG Standard '61 Models

    I have to agree the 2017-18 Standard was probably the best SG Gibson put out in 50 years. Thin neck, locking Grovers, small guard, Classic 57 or Burstbucker 61s. Colors other than black and cherry red. Should have bought two and kept them..
  4. Derald

    Some Quick Questions About SG Standard '61 Models

    I wouldn’t say the new Standard 61 are reissues but they probably match most of the reissue specs. I’m sure there are purists who can tell the immediate difference between a reissue, a custom shop and a Standard 61, but to the layperson the real difference are the pickups. Comparing the new...
  5. Derald

    NGD - The praise over the '57 Classics is well justified

    SG + Classic 57’s = TONE It’s the only formula you need to remember
  6. Derald

    Tall black pickup rings?

    What Lonnie said.
  7. Derald

    New, Used Guitar Day

    I replaced the Alnico 4 magnets with Alnico five magnets and basically turned those Saturday night special pick ups into T tops. Seriously wonderful tone.
  8. Derald

    Gibson SG with Firebird pick ups

    I had a 2012 SG ‘70’s Tribute with mini humbuckers (chrome covers no screws). They were 6.5k ohms and sounded amazing. I also had a 2018 SG Special with the same pickups. Or so I thought. The 2018 mini humbuckers were waaayy hotter. 25k in the bridge and 8.9k in the neck. To me they were not as...
  9. Derald

    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    You will need to try them both if the neck is a concern. A rounded neck can at times be slim, and the slim taper can have a little extra shoulder on it, making it feel thicker. If neck profile doesn’t matter then it’s down to pickups and looks. The 490s are great pickups. The 61 Burstbuckers...
  10. Derald

    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    If you’re talking about the 2019-2021 models then the Standard has the full pick guard, 490 pickups, Grover nickel tuners and the rounded neck. The 61 has the small pick guard, 61 Burstbuckers, vintage tuners and the SlimTaper neck. The only ‘tone’ related differences are the pickups. The only...
  11. Derald

    Pot value in 2018 faded SG?

    throw a set of A5 magnets into both pickups.
  12. Derald

    Maestro Tuning Stability and Tone

    I put a cosmetic maestro vibrola on my SG because i love the way it looks. It’s still a hard tail just with the vibrola hardware minus the wiggle stick. Looks cool, stays in tune. No change to the tone. Might have added a few ounces to the weight.
  13. Derald

    2020 Standard & 61 neck tenon confusion.

    Yes pick one based on what it looks like or how the neck feels or the pickups. The neck joint for all practical purposes is a non-issue.
  14. Derald

    2020 Standard & 61 neck tenon confusion.

    Unless you purposely try to bend the neck it’s truly not an issue, 61 vs modern style. The SG neck is wobbly by design and the new or old neck joint doesn’t really fix the problem. A Maple neck fixes the problem ;)
  15. Derald

    2020 Standard & 61 neck tenon confusion.

    There’s two tenons they’re talking about. The under the neck pickup tenon is inside the body of the guitar. The 19/22 fret joint is also a tenon but it’s not used in the same vernacular as ‘long’ or ‘short’ tenon. In other words, when talking about long or short tenon, they mean the part that is...
  16. Derald

    Damage extension?

    Like a lot of others will say, you. an probably find a not broken one for about the same $
  17. Derald

    Explain wiring of my SG?

    Looks like a treble bleed circuit and a coil split. Is there an electrical problem you’re having? It looks fairly well done, maybe not Gibson professional but it looks clean without a lot of extra wires.
  18. Derald

    Has Gibson ever made this SG?

    Cool thanks!
  19. Derald

    Has Gibson ever made this SG?

    Just picked up a ‘17 Faded SG with 490’s in it, batwing guard in cherry. Unbound fretboard with dot inlays. I wanted to add a maestro vibrola to it because I think it looks nice. Has Gibson ever made a 60’s or 70’s SG in a similar configuration (no binding, dot inlays, humbuckers, maestro)...
  20. Derald

    '61 Reissue (USA) vs. '61 VOS (Custom Shop)

    In my opinion, none of the items you listed would hand any tangible effect on how the guitar sounds except the pickups. You could get the Standard and some custom buckers or Burstbuckers for $150 and save the rest of the money. The bumblebee caps are not the old style. When taken apart they have...