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  1. Delboy

    Please read if you have a 1977 custom

    Mines a 78, has he numbers for that year?
  2. Delboy

    Rough fret board on 2017 SG Standard

    This guitar is a Ltd edition, when they came out in 2011 they had ebony boards and then they changed it to rosewood. It's nothing like baked maple it has grain, it's not covered in wax, you can't even tell there's any wax on it.
  3. Delboy

    Rough fret board on 2017 SG Standard

    Here's the pics of mine.
  4. Delboy

    Rough fret board on 2017 SG Standard

    I have a SG that has a board that looks lots worse than yours. I sent it into my local luthier to have some big modifications and while he had it he waxed the fret board, I can't say I noticed much difference but I treat it with lemon oil a lot more often than my other guitars. The guitar is...
  5. Delboy

    NGD - Blackie 61 RI

    Great deal, if they're the original pups they should sound awesome, was it a bad amp you tried it on?
  6. Delboy

    Is this SG what they say it is?

    I agree with Biddlin, they look like stickers, the trem is definitely not original to the guitar you can see where the stop tail posts have been. Was probably a special or a classic that been converted to humbuckers.
  7. Delboy

    Early 70's SG Custom at local music shop

    I see lots of customs and those Captain Kirk SG's up for as much as you could buy a real 60's SG for. I know which one I'd spend my money on.
  8. Delboy

    Early 70's SG Custom at local music shop

    Nice, looks like a '74. Way over priced I'd say though. I only paid a £1,000 for my '78.][/URL]
  9. Delboy

    70's SG?

    Unfortunately that's one of the least sought after models of SG in existence.
  10. Delboy

    Gibson's premier all maple SG.

    That certainly is beautiful. If I had the cash, I would. I'd even swap my vintage custom for that.
  11. Delboy

    For those about to thread, we salute you.

    Hello and Welcome, good start with your rig. AC/DC, my no1 band. :cheers:
  12. Delboy

    Poll: 3 Les Pauls - whatcha reckon?

    None, get a SG instead.
  13. Delboy

    SG neck dive solution

    All my SG's neck dive so bad I can't even reach the neck properly to fret chords. When gigging I have to employ someone to hold the end of the guitar up, it's so out of control. One time I had to use a mic stand to prop the neck up because I didn't have someone to hold it for me while I played...
  14. Delboy

    Where are all the SG Customs?

    My 1978 custom. I only paid £1000 for her. Just be patient and hold out until the right one comes along, at the time I was looking the were quite a few around that were out of my price range, there were even those Captain Kirk SG's listed on eBay for stupid amounts of cash and they haven't even...
  15. Delboy

    3 gibson sg test

    I thought the junior and the firebrand sounded great. Love the sound of my P90 SG with the tone rolled off almost half way.
  16. Delboy

    White SG Club

    I thought that Epiphone had stopped making 1275's. They must have started again. Sounds like you got a good deal though.
  17. Delboy

    White SG Club

    Always wanted a white twin neck but ended up with a cherry one. Gold hardware as well was that changed by the previous owner, I've never seen an Epi one with gold hardware.
  18. Delboy

    Your SG in action

    One from last Friday's gig.][/URL]
  19. Delboy

    Neck dive: A permanent solution.

    What's neck dive?
  20. Delboy

    NGD: Incoming 2001 SG Historic with Vibrola

    The pickups are probably the originals. They don't usually put 57's in historic or VOS models. Congratulations, nice guitar.

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