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  1. peejaybee

    Best "Bang for the Buck" Awards

    Cheap Chinese shirt.
  2. peejaybee


  3. peejaybee

    Because ...

    This is where Can recorded "Yoo Doo Right!"
  4. peejaybee

    Because ...

    So that's where Coldplay albums come from!
  5. peejaybee

    deal alert....$119 shipped!

    Oh, yeah, I've been there. I wanted to ask some questions, but I emailed him. No plum crazy Malibus for a while :(
  6. peejaybee

    deal alert....$119 shipped!

    Yes, please do, I'd love to see it.
  7. peejaybee

    deal alert....$119 shipped!

    As does any sensible person!
  8. peejaybee

    Wow... Just wow!

    Who's going to pay $200 for a neck and body of uncertain provenance? The seller doesn't even know what it is for certain, it could be a G400 for all he knows.
  9. peejaybee

    Zoom Multistomp or Digitech RP360

    Where'd you find that out, because mine works just fine with Win 10.
  10. peejaybee

    I Apologize...

    I'm drinkin' beer out of one of the old-school Skippy peanut butter jars that was essentially a 16-ounce tumbler with measuring gradations on the side.
  11. peejaybee

    I Apologize...

    Hell, I remember when a quarter seemed like highway robbery! (I think they were typically fifteen cents around the first time I remember knowing.)
  12. peejaybee

    I Apologize...

    No you're not.
  13. peejaybee

    GAS and 3 year interest free credit?

    Curse you, Fender! I'd order a J Mascis Jazzmaster RIGHT NOW if it were included in this 36 months interest free deal!
  14. peejaybee

    I Apologize...

  15. peejaybee

    tone chasers and sork cniffers

    That was my favorite part of the whole movie. It said something to me about resourcefulness -- I even made my kids watch that part.
  16. peejaybee

    I Apologize...

    Who? Oh, you mean Ignored Member! Seriously, I missed the whole exchange, but I am 90% sure it was his fault.
  17. peejaybee

    GAS and 3 year interest free credit?

    That's the "I'm gettin' divorced!" guitar!
  18. peejaybee

    Looking for opinions. Set neck Vs. Bolt on neck

    Gilmour. Johnson. Hendrix. Yngwe Mousemeat!
  19. peejaybee

    Pedals for Sale

    I'm really only now discovering the joy of the chorus effect. Maybe in a while I'll want a dedicated chorus pedal. Till then the RP-360 does it for me.

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