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  1. zone47

    Trouble balancing the Epiphone Vintage G-400 SG

    That's kind of weird, I've played SGs quite a bit and never noticed it until I needed both hands to adjust something like my effects board, then it would slowly droop. While playing it wasn't anything even noticable. I've always wondered why people complained about it. Maybe certain SGs are...
  2. zone47

    Do you ever bend the neck on your SG like a poor man's whammy bar?

    It's not like I do it all the time, but is a cool effect if you are performing, that's all.
  3. zone47

    Do you ever bend the neck on your SG like a poor man's whammy bar?

    You know, like at the end of a phrase to lower the sustaining note pitch a bit? It's kind of a cool sound. The only thing I worry about is the neck snapping off, but other than that, it's a cool feature because the SG neck is so lanky that it probably doesn't mind. :confused: I wouldn't ever...
  4. zone47

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    I had a monster collection about 10 years ago ^ but still have a few good ones.
  5. zone47

    Weight of your SG?

    I have 2 SGs and they are pretty light. I already weighted them on a postal scale and took pics for my SG folder. The first is a 62 reissue historic and it came in at 6lbs, 5.6 ounces. The second is a SG Classic that I sold but it was super light at 6lbs, 2 ounces. I own one other 62...
  6. zone47

    NGD PTSD!!

    Ok here's the deal, I work at a guitar repair shop. What can be done is first the heat extraction method and the dent will still probably be there to a degree. So you can scuff the dent with 400 grit and then add a small amount of lacquer thinner into the dent to soften the paint. Next you...
  7. zone47

    The Truth About Marshall Stacks (there, I said it)

    A good guitar play can always appreciate a 4x12. :) If you don't feel the power in pushing a lot of air, you may be dead. :ohno:
  8. zone47

    2015 Gibson Price Increases

    I guess I don't mind hanging on to my Gibsons even if I'm not playing them. They'll never go down in price. :)
  9. zone47

    Soo some guy rips off my delay pedal at a Guitar show...

    I had a minty TC Flashback one minute and the next it's gone without a trace. Some people are such dirtbags .... :mad: So, if you set up at a guitar show and have easy to lift items, better pay attention ( and have a taze gun ready ).
  10. zone47

    Strings sounding dead past the 12th fret. ..

    As in flat on the body? It's not that low if that's what you mean. The pickups are high, I'll have to lower them and see if that helps! Thanks. :)
  11. zone47

    What Planet Does Gibson SG Pricing Come From?

    I like the old style binding better but if you've ever had a fret relevel and the guy doesn't know what he's doing, he'll bust those nibs off and then the guitar looks like crap. At least with the newer fret over binding, you can rework the neck easier. :) ... but they should charge less for...
  12. zone47

    Strings sounding dead past the 12th fret. ..

    I have two SGs that act this way... I'm not sure what to think of it. Even with new strings, I don't get much sustain up there. Nothing is buzzing .... anyone have a clue why they act that way?
  13. zone47

    Why SGs are cooler than Les Pauls

    ok, let me try this ..... :) Les Paul SG anyone with me on this one?? :confused: :confused:
  14. zone47

    Post Pictures/ You Tube etc of NON SG players

    Here's a pic or two from 2008 or so :dunno: ... let's see.... and a video uhmmm here is my very first guitar lesson :ohno: .... I think this is from the store security tapes or whaever...
  15. zone47

    Any Fender SuperChamp XD fans here?

    Man, that is a smoking little amp!! I bought one that somebody transplanted into a larger 12" speaker size cab and it sounds fantastic! I love the delay and reverb effects ..... it records amazingly well. Anyone else like em? How about the VibroChamp XD?
  16. zone47

    New SG on it's way! Now with unboxing video Post #16

    Nice! Hard not to love that thing .... I like those fat knobs too!
  17. zone47

    Why the SG is the ultimate guitar!

    Uhhh ohhh! Chipboard huh? :confused: Well, that is a 06 Classic. I had a 07 Classic that was hardwired too. I'm not sure when they went to the chip board to tell the truth. :dunno: What year is yours?
  18. zone47

    SG SUPREME makeover

    I love em, they are cool IMO. Nice guitar! :)
  19. zone47

    NGD 76 tobacco sunburst

    Oh, yeah, maybe it got a ding on it before it could be sold or something! It makes me want to refinish my Standard in a burst .... but that would be expensive!
  20. zone47

    NGD 76 tobacco sunburst

    That's a great color scheme .... I wish they still offered stuff like that. I like the block inlays too. Does the 2 stamp mean anything? Congrats, it looks like a keeper.

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