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  1. shreddy bender

    Best Pickups for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, etc.

    490's, Fender Bassman and a Rat pedal. Not metal, but pretty heavy!
  2. shreddy bender

    SG Special adjustable bridge

    I have one of these on a guitar I built. Not cheap but very good.Make sure to order the correct one for Gibson stud spacing if you do go that route. Good luck in your search.
  3. shreddy bender

    Special NGD

    Looks like it took a slow boat to China!
  4. shreddy bender

    Show me your Telecasters

    I love this thing! Nasty and beautiful sounding all at the same time! I equate it to a flame thrower.
  5. shreddy bender

    Cleaning my 2009 Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry

    Don't shoot me guys but I always use windex on my guitars. Then some mineral oil on the fret board. Never had a problem. ( I have a 2003 Faded in walnut finish).
  6. shreddy bender

    bridge issues 61RI

    Yes it is. It is a Gibson SG Standard of 2000 vintage. Vintage doesn't technically mean old. It tells the year of manufacture. "This wine is 2017 vintage."
  7. shreddy bender

    Wall Mounted Guitar Holders

    I use the tool hooks as well Don. You are correct in warning about the reaction with the coating and nitro lacquer! (Don't ask how I know). Also with some guitars, they may need to be bent a little wider to fit well.
  8. shreddy bender

    A tailpiece observation

    I use a quarter (25c piece) for the tailpiece bolts.
  9. shreddy bender

    My Gibson SG Monkey Repro

    Sweet! I really like the TonePros bridge. I have one on my home built guitar and it's awesome. Nice job!
  10. shreddy bender

    Hey Look Ma, No Hands!! Warning, Neck dive related

    I'm no pro either, but if the band I am in says we have a show, then I have to be there! I actually enjoy playing in front of people. For me it's the reason I play. I want to include people into the world I love. It can be a disaster sometimes, but when it goes well it's magic.
  11. shreddy bender

    Hey Look Ma, No Hands!! Warning, Neck dive related

    I play a slight bit lower in case someone doesn't like my music and tosses a beer bottle at the nether region!:naughty:
  12. shreddy bender

    Les Paul with SG and fuzz

    Now I drive my 31 year old co-worker nuts listening to Les Paul at work. Tiger Rag really boosts my production levels!
  13. shreddy bender

    Les Paul with SG and fuzz

    As a teenager I hung out with a friend whose dad had an old 60 or 61 Silvertone guitar and amp. He also had a half dozen Les Paul and Mary Ford albums. I would drive my friend nuts listening to those "old hokey records"! I just couldn't get enough! I remember when I bought my first SG at 18...
  14. shreddy bender

    Hello from a newbie and SG some questions.

    That's aSG special of that era. It's a blurry photo but the finger board looks like it could use some conditioning ( mineral oil or similar).
  15. shreddy bender

    Fake Gibson SG Special 2004 ???

    Looks legit. The neck just looks played in to me. The faded finish is very thin and will wear like that over time. If it looks like that it is a sign of a good playimg guitar to me! As for the reflector knobs, my 2003 Faded Crescent came stock with them. I changed mine to speed knobs as I am not...
  16. shreddy bender

    Gibson 'Faded' Finishes

    Also, make sure all you chemicals ie. sealer and stain and lacquer are compatible. You don't want the finish to wrinkle. Ask me how I know!
  17. shreddy bender

    Gibson 'Faded' Finishes

    Open pore finishes are easier than grain filled for the simple fact that you avoid the filling, dry time and sanding of the filler. Once it's stained you give it a quick scuff with fine sandpaper or scotchbrite to knock down the raised grain and apply your clear coat. I have done cabinet...
  18. shreddy bender

    Gibson 'Faded' Finishes

    Sand it, blow it out with compressed air thoroughly, wipe with acetone, stain, seal, light sand, then clear coat.
  19. shreddy bender

    Small amp for unleashing the Sabbath terror!

    Orange Micro Terror has my vote as I own one and love it! Nice gain at low volume, nice cleans at high volumes as well. I play it through all my cabs as well. I have a 1x12, a 2x12 and a 4x10. The bigger the cab the better it sounds (and looks)!
  20. shreddy bender

    Your Favorite Knob....

    We are trying to go for mostly earlier stuff. We do play Hey You from the Wall but are really setting the focus on Dark Side and earlier.

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