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  1. Bad Penguin

    Best Pickups for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, etc.

    Bill Lawrence XL500. Drops mic....
  2. Bad Penguin

    Billy Gibbons at Daryl's house

    I've seen it, and sometimes he looks like a deer in the headlights, trying to figure out the progressions.
  3. Bad Penguin

    A Work In Progress.

    I have a corner of my guitar room I use. I use recording programs since 1) I don't have the room for a physical recorder and 2) I am a dinosaur and use the same program I have used for the last 22 years! Besides, I can see the waveform and make edits on it with ease, as compared to a hard drive...
  4. Bad Penguin

    Using The Pickup Configuration’s That Guitars Are Coming With.

    Some of mine have splits, but I prefer series/parallel. More of a Gretsch like sound. Single twang, without the hum. As for Phase, try lowering the volume on one of the pickups to get more/less of the out of phase sound. Enjoy!
  5. Bad Penguin

    Roller saddles simple questions

    Like Done said, have your nut checked. As for a roller bridge itself: IF you have a trem, it helps. If not, there's no need to add more bits of metal on the bridge.
  6. Bad Penguin

    Does this look legit? MIK SG

    They are meant to be played. Part of playing them, is getting those little nicks and dents. I would freak more if I got my first ding in a pristine guitar, over one with the bumps and bruises already there.
  7. Bad Penguin

    Naughty Boy

    I am not going to argue about the CNC process. I have a few MIC guitars, and they are wonderful. BUT they were built for a MAIN known company. (Ibanez and Eastman.) My main point was that the PARTS were most likely garbage in these no name brands. And a few do have the "Zewui" headstock design...
  8. Bad Penguin

    Naughty Boy

    The "Naughty Boy" is its own brand from China, with a different headstock shape then a Gibby, and it's own logo. Problem is, do you want to spend the price of it plus, to get it playable? Think of every part on it as cheap garbage, and the fret work done by blind drunk monkey. QC is NOT high on...
  9. Bad Penguin

    Pickups for an Epiphone Korina Flying V?

    Exactly. I mean, if you want to go from standard to a slide guitar, and only have one guitar, great. But do you REALLY need more screws on your guitar? And small tools to lose in a drawer?
  10. Bad Penguin

    Pickups for an Epiphone Korina Flying V?

    There are variations on a theme here, but an adjustable nut allows you to adjust string action from the nut. here is a generic one from eBay...
  11. Bad Penguin

    Incoming NGD. Just ordered THIS

    Very Nice! I have a few Ibanez's and can attest to their quality!
  12. Bad Penguin

    Just say 'No' to drugs...

    50-75 bucks, grab it. Much more, pass.
  13. Bad Penguin

    Suggestions for an intonatable wraparound bridge for a modern SG Special

    I'll respectfully disagree about the Badass. It works and has worked for some 50 years. Tonepros makes a nice wrap-around, that I personally find stupidly designed. You need a wrench, against the body of the guitar, to adjust the action. What were they thinking? Wilkenson makes a wrap-around...
  14. Bad Penguin

    I have a question.

    good enough for Scotty and that Elvis cat...
  15. Bad Penguin

    Live shows: How long do you take to warm up?

    Used to practice the gig the night before, then during the day of the gig, practiced the intros and outros of the songs. Always found endings to be hardest.
  16. Bad Penguin

    Les Trem II Not Playing Nice with SG Modern

    Ok, here's my 2 cents thrown in... If you are loving the feel of the guitar, and the sound fits what's in your head, don't turn it into a strat. It's a different animal, and none of the trem systems will give you that same feeling. It's like a Paul player trying to get the same tones out of a...
  17. Bad Penguin

    First Gibson SG , 05 , pics.

    That's some pretty wood! Congrats!!
  18. Bad Penguin

    Are the two SG P90 models hum cancelling in the middle position?

    You would be out of phase.
  19. Bad Penguin

    I paid 950$ for a Gibson SG Faded 2005!!!

    Yep, you got a real one, and more importantly, a GOOD one!
  20. Bad Penguin

    Just a heads up

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