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  1. Corporal Scratchy

    Early 90s Neck Profile

    Hi! I've owned examples of both and can confirm the thin profile necks are indeed very similar. Hope this helps.
  2. Corporal Scratchy

    Identify and refurb my old SG

    Looks good! Well done!
  3. Corporal Scratchy

    Wanted: Les Paul TRC for 61 RI

    Hi Pancake, I have one of these you're welcome to have for free. It came from Creamtone as part of an upgrade kit for the '61 RI and SG Standard 61. All I really wanted was the wide bevelled pickguard which I fitted along with the tenon cover which looked marginally nicer than the one my guitar...
  4. Corporal Scratchy

    Pickup mounts for vintage SG standard reissue.

    You might like to have a look at Creamtone Vintage Design. I recently bought an upgrade kit for my 2019 SG Standard 61 from them, comprising of a wide bevel pick guard, Les Paul embossed TRC and replacement plastic plate between neck and neck pickup, which they call a replacement tenon cover. I...
  5. Corporal Scratchy

    Is The SG Merely Just A Les Paul Substitute?

    I think this might be the one: FWIW, Chris Buck is a pretty mean guitarist and if you like blues-orientated guitar music, his outfit, Buck & Evans are worth checking out. :smile:
  6. Corporal Scratchy

    '61 Reissue (USA) vs. '61 VOS (Custom Shop)

    "OUCH! Why does the truth always hurt?" Sorry!! Hurts me too - was a wannabe once.... These days more of a "has been" :smile: "Gibson's new management are clearly focused on the past - that's where the money is." Agreed. And not just Gibson. The ongoing demand for replica vintage guitars...
  7. Corporal Scratchy

    '61 Reissue (USA) vs. '61 VOS (Custom Shop)

    Good observation - Thanks. I think you have illustrated the point SG standard made: "....even though vintage guitars were mass produced, there isn't really a single exact design specification to reproduce in the first place." There can be no such thing as a "100% accurate" replica if, as I...
  8. Corporal Scratchy

    New Guitar Day

    Congratulations! Great guitar and good to see you're so pleased with it. I've had mine a full 2 months now and it's turning out to be one of the best SGs I've ever had. I agree/endorse all of the good points you highlighted regarding yours. Mine required minimal fiddling and I put a vintage...
  9. Corporal Scratchy

    '61 Reissue (USA) vs. '61 VOS (Custom Shop)

    Custom Historic v Gibson USA came up for discussion in a slightly different context about a year ago in this thread: Borrowing from my contribution there (my experiences/opinions being based on previously...
  10. Corporal Scratchy

    Favorite English Words

    "Blatherskite" is a fine word, which I first came across reading one of your posts a couple of years ago. Good name for a band? Whatever..... I was then prompted to do two things: First, I did some research to find out exactly what it means. Ok fine..... My enquiries also informed me that it...
  11. Corporal Scratchy

    NGD: SG Custom, P90, Maestro, VOS lamp black

    A truly beautiful and unusual SG. Congratulations!
  12. Corporal Scratchy

    Recent NGD: SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola

    Thanks. It is a "2020" model although according to serial no/QC doc. she was manufactured in October 2019. The GraphTec nut is perfect. As reported above, the overall QC on this guitar was first class and required a minimum of tweaking (minor adjustment for intonation following restringing). I...
  13. Corporal Scratchy

    Recent NGD: SG Standard ’61 Maestro Vibrola

    Short version TLDR: I recently got a new SG; it has matched/exceeded all my expectations and I love it to bits. Long version: Around 18 months ago, precarious finances demanded a drastic thinning out of my guitar collection. On the SG side, I parted company with a 2016 ’61 ltd edition reissue...
  14. Corporal Scratchy

    When (Numerically, Not Date) Did You Buy Your SG?

    No problem, here you go...
  15. Corporal Scratchy

    When (Numerically, Not Date) Did You Buy Your SG?

    CG, that's a fantastic list! I'm going to add mine. First, in response to OP, my first SG was my 3rd ever guitar, a beaten up, much abused 1963 SG Standard (no strings, missing pickguard, warped neck, home-made tail stop), bought in 1978 for £150! I've had 18 SGs too, out of a total of 54...
  16. Corporal Scratchy

    When (Numerically, Not Date) Did You Buy Your SG?

    Duplicate post. Sorry
  17. Corporal Scratchy

    SG Standard 2000 Limited Edition

    Well done for securing the guitar! Is that a Creamtone pickguard you're ordering? I got one for my 2016 Standard T: Clearly, the wide bevel replacement pickguard is never going to solve problems of balance/neck dive nor increase sustain/improve tone/output or in anyway make us sound any...
  18. Corporal Scratchy

    first year for Meastro on an SG Standard?

    As mentioned, it was not a clear cut transition. Back in the day, (1995-2001) I had 2 SG/Les Paul Standards, a 1961 and a 1963.... Apologies for the lousy photo; I wasn't into photographing guitars back then. (I wasn't into choosing tastefully upholstered seating either! :D) but it's the...
  19. Corporal Scratchy

    NAD: Marshall SC20C JCM 800 Combo

    Thanks. The one thing I miss from my DSL which is not on the SC20C is the reverb facility. I solved this with a Boss RV-6 reverb pedal which is doing the job nicely. Finally, SG Guitar + Marshall Combos = Great avatar photos!

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