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  1. Metal89

    NGD comes early

    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see the pics! :)
  2. Metal89

    Daily Drivers - What's In Your Driveway???

    .... A black 2014 Nissan Versa base model... Manual windows, manual transmission, but great gas mileage!!
  3. Metal89

    NGD! Elitist SG Inbound!

  4. Metal89

    It's on the truck; direct from Sweetwater

  5. Metal89

    No soliciting sign on door

    Yup, you don't even have to have enemies or any beefs with anyone to be a target. I just refuse to be a victim.
  6. Metal89

    No soliciting sign on door

    I always check the peep hole so I know just how many people are knocking, if it's more than one and I'm not expecting anyone, I won't answer. Even when I do answer I have my 357 magnum snub nose loaded with hollow points holstered in the waistband of my pants. I've practiced firing this...
  7. Metal89

    1st post! '95 Korean G400...

    Very beautiful!!!
  8. Metal89

    Chrome emg's!

    Really good job on the router... Good Lord almighty I would had just taped the 9v next to the pots with electrical tape and called it good, props to you man!!! So... What type of metal are you ripping with that axe? Thrash, good ol meat and potatoes heavy, death,.... Doom?
  9. Metal89

    Chrome emg's!

    Very very cool!!!
  10. Metal89


    A very metal looking bass!!! Awesome boom axe ya got there!!!
  11. Metal89

    SX Hawk w/ P90 Mod Thread

    Very cool looking strat!!
  12. Metal89

    A little early

    Didn't think I'd have the time to finish this one
  13. Metal89

    Gibson SG 50's tribute

    If i had the money I'd get the 50's tribute. I have the 70's one (really should be 80's but eh..) and I'm absolutely in love with that axe. I'm sure I'd be just as happy with the 50's down tuned for some doom metal!
  14. Metal89

    The Great G-400 Custom Project - What do you think?

    I'd personally do the pick guard but that's my honest opinion but you definitely got that 80's hard rock vibe going with it! Real question is though, how's she sound?
  15. Metal89

    First show nerves

    When I played for a church my leg would shake every time on stage. Kinda like how I tap my heel to keep time, but my leg was going a thousand miles an hour.
  16. Metal89

    Looking at Delay Pedals.

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions guys! I'll definitely have a hard time choosing but that Nux is what I'll probably end up going for... 35$ for that many options?!
  17. Metal89

    Wish I Had the Dough!

    I used the pay as you play plan to get my Gibson 70's tribute (had to Throw in the ditto looper x2 to allow me to use it at the time) and it worked out really well
  18. Metal89

    Finally working with someone on music.

    Nah, just proved to me I can't do country. Not that I really wanted to, but was just seeing if I could :p
  19. Metal89

    Finally working with someone on music.

    Haha! I wouldn't mind doing a heavy riff for an opera singer, wouldn't be the first time that's been done. Nah, I'm going to stick with this guy a bit and see what happens like I said, he really liked the heavy stuff I was doing when messing around so I'm interested to see how he would like to...
  20. Metal89

    Looking at Delay Pedals.

    As the title says, but unlike all my other pedals where I dropped around 100 bills without batting an eye, I have a family now and money is tight. So I'm looking around the 30$ mark as my dad is giving me some money for my bday which is just around the corner. Sound wise im wanting a small...

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