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  1. crashbelt

    My 1965 Gibson SG Special Cherry wide nut chrome Vibrola

    Welcome - such great guitars. We'd love to see a picture of yours.
  2. crashbelt

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    Yeah @Biddlin needs to grow up or get back to kindergarten:rofl:
  3. crashbelt

    '63 SG/LP Custom....TWO PICKUP!!!

    'Call for price' - ain't gonna be cheap! Great original custom-order decision to do away with the troublesome middle pickup. Presume its 'standard' wiring.
  4. crashbelt

    62 les pual custom

    Hi Sheldon - I'm lucky that the original PAFs were still there even though a lot of the guitar had been messed up. The bridge p'up had to be rewound, the neck was fine. Its an incredible sounding guitar. Early 60s SGs are still an amazing deal compared with crazy Burst prices.
  5. crashbelt

    My 1965 Gibson SG Special Cherry wide nut chrome Vibrola

    Beautiful and very unfaded. Small guard Specials are still the best vintage deals out there imho. My 62 is my goto gigging guitar- despite serious competition.
  6. crashbelt

    62 les pual custom

    Welcome. I'm no restoration specialist either but I did have a 61 Standard I inherited in similar condition successfully restored recently. Its the middle one in the pic- sorry I haven't a shot to hand of it on its own. I was lucky that the PAFs were still there. Hope yours are, although it...
  7. crashbelt

    Advice buying Vintage SG Junior

    I agree with the advice given so far - these are great no frills tone machines. The earlier ones, up to late 63 carry the Les Paul designation. You can see on the headstock of my 63 the silk-screened Les Paul logo. Collectors tend to value these a bit more highly, so you can decide whether...
  8. crashbelt

    SG Homicide Frankentar

    I think its one of Dan Erlewine's apprentice-pieces before he properly learned his trade. Could be worth $$$$s for that historical significance:D
  9. crashbelt

    Gibson SG Standard 61 with Sideways Vibrola

    I'd be careful to thoroughly try out an SG with a sideways before you buy. I can't speak for modern re-issues but the original sideways caused horrible tuning issues, made a too shallow break angle to the bridge and sucked tone. That's why so many were converted to stop tails, or like mine had...
  10. crashbelt

    What is considered vintage? (SG content)

    Pre-1970 is about right for Gibsons and Fenders if by vintage we mean 'golden era' instruments. Its far from an exact science and this topic sometimes generates more heat than light, but that's a reasonable definition for me.
  11. crashbelt

    Vintage SG Special Question: Filling in Humbucker routes on a transparent finish

    I'd seriously think about a solid colour refin as a small guard is right for the age of the guitar and looks much cooler to me anyway! The 61 Standard in my avatar had been chopped up in various places (with an existing bad refin) and my restoration guy did a great aged Polaris refin. It took...
  12. crashbelt

    Opportunity to get the vintage SG of my dreams, but...

    First be sure its for you. Customs have a useless middle pickup which hampers playing with a pick and an odd wiring configuration. They can have dodgy vibrolas too. If you're after a vintage SG to play, a Standard or Special can be better bets. I have a refin 61 Standard (my avatar) and a 62...
  13. crashbelt

    SG 1962 Les Paul for sale.

    I smell trolling BS...................
  14. crashbelt

    Let's see your vintage SG!

    Here's my 3. 63 Les Paul Junior 61 refin Les Paul Standard 62 SG Special The Special is my goto main gigging guitar - stunning playability and versatility. The Standard with PAFs is a tone monster, reserved for serious blues/rock. And the Junior does that uncomplicated raunch thing through an...
  15. crashbelt

    1967 Gibson SG Junior converted to a Standard

    Great job. I'm usually not a fan of conversions - off-centre seam fake bursts are my pet hate:mad:. But a Junior that's as far gone as yours is absolutely a fine candidate for Standard or Special treatment and that's a really nice piece of work:smile:.
  16. crashbelt

    Is The SG Merely Just A Les Paul Substitute?

    I spent years favouring Strats then 335s then Les Pauls then Teles and finally now SGs. My 62 Special is my main gigging guitar - lightweight (6lbs 2oz yes really!) versatile P90s and that Townshend Live at Leeds tone. The only Les Pauls I really like now are 50s P90 Specials and Juniors. A 59...
  17. crashbelt

    SG String Guage

    11s for Gibsons 10s for Fenders for me.
  18. crashbelt

    1965 Gibson SG Junior

    That looks beautiful and really lightweight.
  19. crashbelt

    1961 Les Paul Standard Restoration

    My understanding of the Les Paul designation of early SGs is that Juniors Standards and Customs were called LPs from 61 (and the few rare ones shipped in late 60) to some time in 63. Standards have 'Les Paul' on the truss rod cover, and Juniors have 'Les Paul Junior' script on the headstock as...

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