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  1. lawrev

    Murphy Lab Finish Question - Use of Poly - Custom Shop SG Junior

    Hi All, I'm posting this so that people more expert than I may respond. I just took delivery of a new Gibson Custom Shop SG Junior Murphy Lab Ultra Light treatment. I purchased this from the Chicago Music Exchange and their description of the finish was: Iverness Green Poly Checked Lacquer I...
  2. lawrev

    Recommendation for Truss Rod Cover Engraving - Irish 4 Leaf Clover

    Hi All, I just purchased a Custom Shop SG Jr in Inverness Green and want to get an Irish four leaf clover engraved in the truss rod cover. Can anyone recommend a good company for this? Thanks!
  3. lawrev

    FS: Mint Gibson Custom Murphy Lab SG Special 1963 Reissue

    I have this beautiful SG Special 1963 reissue in classic white (cream) for sale. MINT, with all the case candy and the ML booklet. $3500 including shipping. PM me, and the guitar is also for sale on TGP at "lawrev."
  4. lawrev

    Custom Shop Case Problems?

    Hi All - Last month I purchased a new Custom Shop Murphy Lab 1963 SG Special in classic white, which looks like creme. A beautiful guitar - great checking on the body! I know....I haven't done a NGD yet. The problem is the case. I noticed this morning that the bottom of the case has separated...
  5. lawrev

    Hard Shell Case - 1963 SG Special Ultra Light Aged Classic White

    Hi All, I took delivery last Thursday of a brand new SG Special Murphy Lab Ultra Light Aged 1963 reissue. I have to do a NGD post and that is coming soon. It is a fantastic guitar - the color of butter - more like creme than a classic white. Looks like butter and plays like butter! My question...
  6. lawrev

    Murphy Lab SG

    Has anyone here purchased a Murphy Lab SG?
  7. lawrev

    Lightning Bar Tailpiece - Custom Shop 1963 SG Junior

    Hi All, I'm a very happy new owner of a Custom Shop SG Junior. The question I have has to do with the lightning bar tailpiece. I checked the Gibson site and can't find a description of the metal for that part. Is it aluminum or base metal? I was thinking of upgrading that part if it isn't...
  8. lawrev

    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 1963 SG Junior in Bright TV Yellow

    Hi All, Thought I would share some initial photos of my new guitar, an SG Junior 1963 reissue in Bright TV Yellow. Purchased from a music store in Japan. Balanced, light, neck feels great in the left hand. Had an issue with U.S. Customs that took a day to resolve, but the guitar got here with...
  9. lawrev

    Custom Shop SG Junior

    Has anybody purchased a new Custom Shop SG Junior? They list at $2999. I'm interested in feedback and observations for the future. :smile:
  10. lawrev

    SKB Case for SG - Replace Handle Only?

    The SG I recently purchased came with a SKB hardshell case, which is great except that the handle is broken and comes off. Is it possible to purchase the handle only, rather than another case? Thanks!
  11. lawrev

    2006 SG Junior Corona Yellow (Yamano Order)

    Well, I took delivery of the Corona Yellow SG Junior last night. This is truly an international guitar - built in Nashville, shipped to Tokyo for Yamano music stores, at some point it travels to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, where I purchase it. Then shipped as follows: Hobart - Melbourne - Hong...
  12. lawrev

    2006 SG Junior with Batwing Pickguard

    Hi All - I'm in the process of purchasing a 2006 Gibson USA SG Junior with a batwing pickguard. This pickguard is creme (factory order) but I want to purchase a black one to go on this yellow Junior. Does anyone here have a 2006 Junior like mine (a USA model, not Custom Shop) with that...
  13. lawrev

    Waiting on NGD - 2009 SG Classic

    Last night I sold the SG Standard I had in favor of a 2009 SG Classic in Heritage Cherry. I had been checking this line out and love that it has slight more bling than the SG Special Faded, and less than the Standard. It has 2 P-90s and I'm planning on pulling those in favor of Seymour Duncan...
  14. lawrev

    Open Humbucker Covers

    Hi, All: How many of you have/had open humbucker covers on your SG? I've been thinking of getting a nickel pair on mine. I know they look cool - I've seen them on the web - but what has your experience been with sound, if any? Thanks.
  15. lawrev

    2003 SG Faded - Ebony Fingerboard

    Hi All, Did 2003 SG Faded models come with ebony fingerboards? I'm thinking about one. I know the 2002 crescent moons had ebony....
  16. lawrev

    Pickguard Racing Car Flag Design - 2017 SG Standard

    Hi All, I have a 2017 SG Standard T in Pelham Blue, and I'm looking to have a pickguard made that has racing flags as the design. Does anyone know of a vendor or vendors who makes such a design? Thanks!
  17. lawrev

    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups in their SG

    Hi All, Any of you have the PG pickups in your SG? What is your impression of them? I know The Reverend loves his SGs but also his 1959 Les Paul that he calls PG. I'm thinking about putting them in down the road. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  18. lawrev

    NGD: 2017 SG Standard Pelham Blue

    Well, I took delivery of my Gibson USA SG Standard in Pelham Blue. A beautiful guitar, and more importantly, it plays great! I had a spare Cream Tone SG/Les Paul tenon cover lying around, so I already put that on. Same with reflector knobs. Dial pointers to come. The guitar sounds great with...
  19. lawrev

    NGD on the way - 2017 SG Standard T Pelham Blue

    I've been looking at the PB SGs on this site and always wanted one. I found a slightly used one at a good price and in excellent condition. More on that guitar soon, but it is highly likely that I will be selling my 2018 SG Junior as a result. If there is anyone that would be interested in the...
  20. lawrev

    Your Thoughts - 2017 Pelham Blue SG Standard T

    Hey all, I'm looking at purchasing a Pelham Blue SG T. What are your thoughts on them and can you share some pictures?

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