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  1. likea45

    NGD 2017 SG Custom SE

    I haven't been this excited for a guitar in a long time. And oh man is it nice. Equipped pups are great although I may put a P94 in the neck. Without further adieu pics!
  2. likea45

    NGD - Blackie 61 RI

    A friend bought this guy originally and just never bonded with it. I can't understand why because it plays awesome. Pups are a little brittle sounding for my taste and will be swapped. But for $500 I can't complain! PICS!!!
  3. likea45

    NGD Amazon Exclusive 2017 SG VSB

    I ordered this guitar about a month and two weeks ago. Not bad turn time for a build it once you order it situation. VERY happy with her. Fit and finish it fantastic. Neck is straight and smooth and right out of the case it played well. I did change a few things which I had sitting waiting for...
  4. likea45

    NGD - 2017 SG Special Zebra

    Got my Amazon exclusive SG Special Zebra in the mail today. Very impressed with this guitar so far. Very very lightweight. Might be the lightest SG I've ever held. The neck is amazing and is that flat wide 61 style that I love. Pics!!
  5. likea45

    Finally! A Norlin Era I might want..but is the price retarded??

    As some know I've been hunting for a tobacco sunburst NORLIN era SG in relatively good shape. Recently this one popped up on eBay but she looks ridden hard and put away wet, has had major body repair, no case AND a refret. I'm not ashamed to pay for something if the value is there but my...
  6. likea45

    Help a fellow member out...

    If any of you guys see one of these NORLIN era SGs in tobacco sunburst shoot me a message...really want one of these. Or Lhvr could just sell me his:thumb: Thanks!
  7. likea45

    Tenon Covers

    I've been working with Rick to produce close to accurate tenon covers in multiple colors. I know from experience that finding one of these can be very tough so I just wanted to share his work. Pretty inexpensive and great quality. A sample here: Gibson SG Electric Guitar Tenon Cover Neck...
  8. likea45

    NGD 61 RI -Potential refinish

    So I scored this cherry girl on ebay with a headstock repair for $666.66:dude: shipped. A damn good deal on a 2006 RI. Plays great but alas I'm not a giant cherry fan. If it didn't have the headstock break and subsequent repair (which is solid and didn't effect playability at all) I'd...
  9. likea45

    1965 or 67 SG Special - Value??

    I feel my Gibson knowledge is pretty vast especially about items that have been produced in my lifetime. However it gets a bit hard for me to value items from earlier times. I've had this, what I believe to be 65-67 special that I'm trying to get a valuation on. I bought it as a body/neck...
  10. likea45

    NGD - I need to stop...But I cant!!

    A friend of mine at the Saginaw, MI Guitar Center told me he could add his employee discount to the already discounted 2013's they were moving. So as a bday present to myself I picked up this antique white beauty. I'm very happy with it so far. I feel like I'm in a guitar mania especially...
  11. likea45

    What would you DO?

    So I recently as some of you know purchased a 1990 SG Custom with the intent to refinish it. The seller listed it as a used 1990 custom in which he explains that he changed out the tuners but that the stock ones are shipping with it. All seems normal. He describes the sound of the pickups but...
  12. likea45

    What year/type of pickup is this?

    I recently pulled this weird possible gem out of the 1990 SG custom I bought to refinish. It was I believe the only Gibson pickup in it and doesn't match the spec at all for what would have been in that guitar. What am I looking at here? Sounded really good when I tested it out.
  13. likea45

    Wintermute - An SG Custom Refinish

    And SO it begins... I received the 1990 SG Custom beat up and screaming for attention. She had yellowed quite a bit and unevenly in some spots making it look spotted and unattractive to my eyes. Some pics of her being taken apart pre-stripping: Headstock is going to be revamped with new...
  14. likea45

    EverthingSG vs. MylesPaul

    I know many of us belong to both forums and contribute to both. I'm also aware that they are owned and maintained by the same company. However I just want to say that everyone over here at ETSG are such a good group of positive upbeat contributors that really shine when you swing back over to...
  15. likea45

    Tuners Anyone?

    Got a set of gold imperial style tuners that I'm taking off a '90 SG Custom. I'm looking for a set of the chrome Gibson Deluxe Scahllers that are found on most models today. If anyone's interested in trading/buying/selling some tuners let me know. It will help my whiteout project go quicker...
  16. likea45

    SG Custom Refin Idea - Feedback Appreciated

    Some of you may remember my Creamsickle refin from summer...I'm getting the itch again. I've been kicking the idea around of buying a wayward, uncared for SG Custom and doing the following refin project to it: Essentially a 3 pup white out custom. It's been on my mind lately quite a bit as...
  17. likea45

    NGD - SG Custom!!!

    So today I received my '97 SG custom in Blue Metallic. I wasn't directly looking for a color like this but I was looking for a custom and this one caught my eye and the price was super-duper right. Pics or it didn't happen so here's the tale of the tape: Shipped in box! In all her glory...I...
  18. likea45

    White OUT SG Standard

    Selling my white out standard. This guitar is in immaculate shape. CL ad and pics here: Will ship lower 48 or international once funds are verified. Thanks!
  19. likea45

    Selling Old Whitey

    I've decided to sell my White-Out standard. This guitar is in immaculate shape. Shipping would be to lower 48 us states. International if I can verify funds. Craigslist ad is here:2010 Gibson Custom SG Standard Thanks guys (No one really checks the classifieds on this site.)
  20. likea45

    Refinish Idea - Need feedback!

    Hey all I'm thinking of doing a creamsickle SG standard. It's super loud and orange like a muscle car in my mind, but summers around the corner and I wanted something to match. I have many dignified SG's, bursts, a few black ones, white ones but nothing quite as loud as this. Anyway just want...

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