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  1. eS.G.

    NGD - 2017 SG Special Mini Humbuckers

    From wjhat I can find -- these where a Canadian model ONLY -- they are NOT on the Gibson site -- My Contact at Sam Ash said they sold them for a limited time and that they had been a limited run for a large Canadian distributor-- only made for 1 season-- I like rare SG's
  2. eS.G.

    NGD - 2017 SG Special Mini Humbuckers

    I just scored a burst one myself cant wait to get it home! COME ON UPS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. eS.G.

    Epiphone SG Special 1961 50th Anniversary P90

    Love those--- had one shoulda never sold it ......
  4. eS.G.

    What's the most BADASS SG of all?

    The Toxic Twins ---short redhead and a tall blonde. ;)
  5. eS.G.

    And Here They Come... The Triple P90s

  6. eS.G.


    this thread looks familiar
  7. eS.G.

    Why no SSL certificate ?

    YOur concern for everyone's searchability is interesting Hector........very, interesting.
  8. eS.G.

    Wife just noticed new Les Paul.

    Have no fear the full ferocity and sheer volume coupled with the massive movement will send most into epileptic seizures....or screaming for the exit------thats when the real fun begins
  9. eS.G.

    Wife just noticed new Les Paul.

    YOu forgot the 2 pigs and the Attack Parrot......and guns.......a mote......scattering of claymores ......and an owner with a foul mouth and bad attitude. really STAY OFF MY LAWN! ;)
  10. eS.G.

    Wife just noticed new Les Paul.

    thats only part of the collection Paul I have a passion for the "P" there are more that have been added since the pic :( \
  11. eS.G.

    Wife just noticed new Les Paul.

    Start "flipping" I move so many in and out she lost track years ago--- doesnt even pay attention anymore--- 1 in 2 out 3 in 1 out --- she could care less......then I also have a rotation system between the cases--- the closet and whATS ON THE WALLS .....hard to hit a moving target .......and I...
  12. eS.G.

    Another forum, Ugh!

    Other forums can be dangerous places.......mean kids that steal your lunch and shove you in lockers......
  13. eS.G.

    2017 Gibson Firebird Zero

    My fingers are crossed for an after Christmas blow out sale on them ---the "pearl" one calls to me
  14. eS.G.

    Oh The Humanity...........

    Best 8 minutes I have had at a Cadillac Dealership BETTER than being AT THE CONCERT .....sound is amazing.....
  15. eS.G.

    1980 SG Firebrand headstock color

    Broken, get it for LOW dollar or move on
  16. eS.G.

    Oh The Humanity...........

    Bose Panaray.
  17. eS.G.

    ESP LTD EC 401 vs Ibanez RG 6005?

  18. eS.G.

    NOGD - Korina SG - 1999

  19. eS.G.

    Epi Firebird V ?

  20. eS.G.

    Epi Firebird V ?

    Good luck with the buy.

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