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  1. michaelinokc

    SG Original Re-Released

    Public service announcement - Americal Musical has an exclusive 2019 run of the SG Original in Aged Cherry in case anyone is interested. It looks like they're also available on I've still got my Heritage Cherry model.
  2. michaelinokc

    Wrong Guitar, Joe...

    For your viewing pleasure - Joe Bonamassa playing an SG. No, seriously. I wouldn't lie to you.
  3. michaelinokc

    Decisions, decisions.

    Darn. Having trouble deciding which to play tonight. Maybe all of them? :)
  4. michaelinokc


    Waiting for acclimation sucks.
  5. michaelinokc

    Pickup Selection for SG

    I've been thinking about taking the 498T/490R set out of my SG Standard and replacing it with something else. I play mostly rock and blues and am looking for some good ideas regarding replacement pickups. So far, a couple of sets I'm considering are Gibson Custom Buckers and Seymour Duncan...
  6. michaelinokc

    NGD - 2010 SG Classic

    I've been searching for an SG with P-90's and a friend at Guitar Center located this one for me at a store in Illinois. It's in perfect condition - no dings anywhere on the body and only a few scratches on the pick guard. I came upon the funds to buy this beauty by trading a high end Taylor...
  7. michaelinokc

    Rich Robinson Plays Hendrix

    I went to the Experience Hendrix show this weekend. There were many excellent players there, but it was great to see Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes rocking an SG.
  8. michaelinokc

    NGD - 2013 SG Original

    Just received this bad boy today. Quality is excellent, it plays very well, and sounds great. This is my third Gibson SG, so I guess I'm officially an SG guy!
  9. michaelinokc

    NGD - 2013 Gibson SG 70's Tribute

    Just received this bad boy last night from via Fed Ex. It's a 2013 Gibson SG 70's Tribute with 24 frets and a pair of Gibson's Dirty Fingers Humbuckers. I've been wanting a 24 fret guitar and missed my RD with Dirty Fingers, so this guitar is right up my alley. And the rosewood...
  10. michaelinokc

    Great Deal on SG Standard in Pelham Blue

    Just thought I'd post this, as I love mine. has reduced the SG standard in Pelham blue and bullion gold from $1,319 to $1,099, in case anyone is interested. Gibson SG Standard Limited Edition Pelham Blue Electric Guitar with Gibson Hardshell Case | Sam Ash Music 1-800-4-SAMASH
  11. michaelinokc

    I Think I'm in Love... Gibson SG Diablo Premium Plus
  12. michaelinokc

    SG Standard??

    Saw this on e-bay. Seller says it's an SG Standard, but I've seen this exact SG Special with a different pick guard. Did Gibson ever make an SG Standard without fretboard binding and with dot inlays? Gibson SG Standard in RARE Ice Blue Metallic finish. NEW. | eBay
  13. michaelinokc

    NGD - Gibson SG in Pelham Blue

    My first new Gibson finally arrived and I absolutely love it. Gotta thank my more than generous girlfriend for helping me to feed my passion for guitars.

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