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    Les paul 2012 standard

    what do we all think of the new les paul standard 2012? personally im loving the coil taps and phase switching, and the AAA maple looks the buisness.... but they said the split coils will be beefier than an ordinary single coil? anyone know how there doing that? or will it be like the...
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    If you could design your own SG

    Hi guys, I've been thinking here what I'd have Gibson make as a custom model... Was just wondering what you guys think of as a dream guitar?!?!?? Forgetting cost ( obviously ) heres what I'd go for; SG body made of korina 60's neck Ebony fretboard Block inlays Burstbuckers 1,2,3 Grovers...
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    HELP !!!!!

    hi guys, im just instaling my new angus young sig pup on my SG standard 09, ive come to take the stock 498t out but, which one is earth and which one is leaD????? theres a green and a black one going into a plug, i know the correct ones on the ay pup.... just not one the stock 498t,,,,it matters...
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    Custom 77 what do ya think ?!?!

    Hi guys just wondered what you guys thought of custom 77.... In particular their sg copy cs2 I'm going to get one when they come in stock.... Personally they look top notch but I'm no expert !!! I really think there amazing ... But ..... Does anyone have one ???? Cheers
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    AC/DC tone ?

    Hi guys... I'm doing some mods to my gear recently and have got to the pickups ... I'm after a classic rock/ blues sound eg Clapton or AC/DC I've got the factory 490r and 498t in my ebony standard and IMO there a bit too thick and full mids... I've got the Angus sig pup for the bridge And am...
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    Tremolo fitting !?!?!?!

    Hi guys ... I've ordered a tremolo from allparts ... I know what your thinking .. WHY .... But I've decided on it.. I know theres a lot of controversy over it. About tuning and tone but I think itl be better off for it ... It's going on an ebony standard 2009 ,, I'm just wondering how hard is...
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    SG custom 09 Inverness green

    Hi guys.. I've had this guitar for over a year now just not had the time to post.. ( to busy shredding ) ....well I can honestly say it is the most amazing guitar I have ever played and I love it...!!!!! I got it from dawsons in febuary 2010.. It was just there on the rack... Needing a home ...
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    my new sg standard

    [img]hey, just to show you all my new SG standard. it is absolutely fantastic. it plays like a dream. it was made this year ,2009, and came in a hardcase with a white fur interior......gorgeous !!! only one problem my fingers are nearly bleeding i cant put it down. plays totally different to...
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    hey, i dont own an sg but am really thinking of getting one. on a site it said that it was b-stock i was wondering does it have some sort of problem?? it was £100 cheaper than the next standard sg next to it thanks..

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