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    Looking for an sg deluxe copy

    Hey folks, I am looking for a copy of a 70s SG deluxe, something with a bigsby and block inlays and looks like it would be well at home in a scuzzed out 70s garage rock band- preferably on the more affordable price end. Located in UK. Cheers!
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    WTB-MIJ 60's spec SG Special

    Hey yall, was wondering if anyone had a Japanese SG special copy they wouldn't mind parting with. Tokai, Greco, Burny, Bacchus, anythin. The classic special look is what I'm after- small guard, bound dot neck, wrap around, cherry finish. Before anyone says the Gibson/epi ones I really dont wanna...
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    who here is waiting for a Phil X signature model?

    Phil X and Richard Fortus are both two of my favourite guitarists ever. Awesome dudes and awesome players and complete gear heads as well lol
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    P90 loaded SG Special copies

    Oh man a jaydee has been on the list for years man- but I'd go for an old boy replica from them as I have 2 or 3 schaller 456's!
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    P90 loaded SG Special copies

    Looks nice but I was kinda hoping not to have to respray it cherry... but then again I could fix the bevels AND that still ugly headstock... hmm. Might end up scratch building.
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    Hello folks

    Haha I have so many that I dunno where to start-I collect guitars as well as many other types like banjos, Ukes, mandolins/mandolas and various other crap I can't play very well haha! I currently only have 1 SG which is the copy I bought many years ago when I first started playing so nothing...
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    P90 loaded SG Special copies

    Hey guys so first thread here, looking for a list of really good 60's style SG special copies- as in P90's with the dot inlays and if possible small guard. I know greco and tokai did some but who else did any and where can I find one? Need some p90 action in my life- humbuckers can only get so...
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    Hello folks

    Hey guys, longtime lurker here but reasonably longtime member of the mylespaul forum but have always been more of an SG guy really. So just stuck my head up to say hi and see all you guys around!

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