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    2012 SG Standard 60 Guitar Center in Vintage Cherry! Near Mint!

    I can vouch for this model. It has BB1 and BB3 pickups, a slim taper with nice C profile on a batwing and this one in the coveted darker Vintage Cherry! Mine are the honeyburst. This one appears minty...
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    NGD - 2011 GC Exclusive SG Standard NOS

    I managed to get this NOS 2011 SG Standard Guitar Center exclusive in Honeyburst. Honeyburst is very similar to natural burst but has subtle differences. This is listed as a slim taper but this one seems to be in between that and a rounded profile. This is the lightest and also most resonant SG...
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    Nashville meets Mundelein

    Scored a barely used 2006 or 2007 Washburn USA Custom Shop WI68. Smoothest feeling chunky neck ever. It just sings and rings. Easier upper fret access than the Les Paul is an added plus.
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    gypsy boy

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    Trower Power

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    Blues for Trude

    Some blues from the master for my Trude girl. An elderly shepard mix dog we rescued found wandering the rough and tumble streets of Richmond's south side. She has a spinal tumor and will be euthanized here at home in a few days. Sweetest and most gentle creature to come from such a harsh area.
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    I'm going to order this. My first USA made Fender.

    I have a Mexican Super Champ X2 but when I saw this I knew it was special. I'd rather have a simple platform with no onboard effects or modelers. ZZounds finally got another batch in and I think I'm going to snag one and sell the X2. Below is the link. 15 watt Princeton Reverb with a 12"...
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    I found my holiday sweatah.....

    I particularly love the second one but manly sizes are sold out.
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    Glen Buxton's SG rebuild

    For those of you who remember Glen.
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    Let's see the baked maple.

    Mine was born in 2011. Hasn't been oiled yet but starting to look dry by the fret edges. Might do it soon but will miss that light chocolate hue when it darkens.
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    Soon NGD Guild S100 - second one made of the 90's reissues.

    I've been offered the second S100 made of the reissues for sale, in mint condition, natural finish! It's from the same batch Kim Thayil got his 90's reissues. The one I'm getting was in the 1994 NAMM show. I can't wait!
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    You list something for sale on Craigslist. Then you get multiple email inquiries asking "still for sale?" or "still available?"... to which you reply yes and would you like to buy? Yet you never hear a word from them again. Has anyone else here experienced this and what is going on? Is it some...
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    NGD - Ibanez AK100

    I decided I wanted a hollowbody again but wasn't going to shell out big for one. Found this near mint 2007 Ibanez AK 100 Artcore Custom for a low price on Reverb. I took off the pickguard because I think it makes the Artcores look tubby. I'm waiting on strings with a wound G (GHS Rollerwounds)...
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    Gibson humbucker wire color question

    I have a 2011 SG Standard with the PC board. It has a 490r and 498t set. This one must be a two conductor set as each pickup only has a green and a black wire. Could somebody tell me which is ground and which is hot? Thank you in advance.
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    Devils Food

    Who remembers Richard Wagner and Steve Hunter?
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    I need wiring advice please.

    I just got one of those nice 2012 Guitar Center exclusive SG Standards in the pretty honeyburst finish with Zebra pickups wired for single coil with push pull controls on the volumes. Here's my problem: the prior owner put bell knobs on... I went to replace them with the original reflector...
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    Looking for great reflector knobs?

    Got these for 14 dollars shipped. Made in japan. High quality and they go darn near flush with the body on my 2018 SG Standard T. Only difference is the tone and volume wording is slightly smaller than genuine gibson parts...
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    Incoming NGD Gibson 335-S

    I've had my eye on these all maple double cuts for a while. I finally got over the urge for a single cut LP and realize that I'm most comfortable with double cuts. I saw this 2011 Limited edition 335-S in near mint condition and made an offer which was accepted. Grenadillo fretboard., Solid...

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