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    Should've left it alone

    Should've left it alone. I'll live and learn. Attempted to lower some slightly sharp notes in the open position by filing down three string slots. This was the first time at this and need I say, got too deep on the fat e-string. Buzzes pretty bad at the first fret. Tried to add neck relief but...
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    Adjusting nut slot depth

    I've got 3 strings riding too high in the nut causing sharp notes on the first 3 or 4 frets. Don't really want to invest in a professional set of files for this one time need, although the local Harbor Freight sells a couple different sets of cheap needle files. Have no idea about the size/gauge...
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    Live shows: How long do you take to warm up?

    I've never played a live show in my life and probably never will. For those of you who do, how much time do you spend warming up for your event.....5 minutes, 15, 30, none at all possibly? I'm 63, been playing 5 years and always in the comfort of my home. As for myself, it may take 20+ minutes...
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    Just a heads up

    I saw a post on Facebook from my local luthier. He was warning guitar players from applying bug spray containing Deet and then handling guitars with a nitrocellulose finish. He said it will "melt" into the finish and he see's it every summer.
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    Tuner question

    I believe you veteran guitarists when you say tuning machines are rarely the culprit for tuning problems. Still, I've got mod fever and am gonna upgrade my Epi to higher quality Klusons. I don't have tuning issues but my D-string peg is a tad wobbly by comparison to the others. My guitar is...
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    General recommendations about setting intonation

    Probably should've left it alone, but my fat e-string sounded a bit sharp. So after working on that string, decided to check and adjust the others. I'm about done fartin' with it, but it's not perfection by any means. Obviously, you check at the 12th fret and mind you I'm using a Super Snark...
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    String change

    I'm 6 weeks into evaluating a change from standard .010's to hybrid .009's. The G, B and little E strings are based on .009's while the top three are from standard .010's. Can't see myself going back to full .010's, and my calluses have thanked me. Went to a larger, thinner pick that has molded...
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    New format?

    Just checking to see if everyone is seeing this forum in a new format the past week? Looks as though I don't have to log in to see photos or attachments on posts anymore. So am assuming we're permanently logged in? Is that considered safe? Maybe I've overlooked a way to log out?
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    Do you experienced guitarists target chord tones when soloing?

    I'm 5 years into playing guitar. I've become fluid at moving through positions/scales whether playing pentatonic, full diatonic or a combination of the two. Several articles I've read claim that targeting chord tones when soloing is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Doing so they claim...
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    Pickup selector switch cleaning

    The bridge pickup of my Epi G400 has been cutting in and out recently. It either cuts out entirely or seems to have diminished volume. A few flips of the selector switch from the bridge to neck position eventually corrects it. I'm figuring it's probably time for a dose of contact cleaner. Can...
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    Question about fret height

    What effect does fret crown height have on the ease of playing a guitar? Seems as though a lot of attention is given to string action (the distance from the fret crown to the string) but does the actual height of the fret itself from it's base to crown factor into this too? In other words, does...
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    Small but annoying issue

    Do any of you mechanically minded members have a remedy for this minor issue? The input jack on my guitar frequently loosens from weather related changes and/or repeated cable plug-ins/disconnects. My normal fix is to remove the backside cavity cover, carefully grip the input jack with pliers...
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    what's more forgiving?

    I'm an intermediate player at best but am loving learning and playing. Low gain clean tones are my default favorite but use higher gain/distortion occasionally simply for a change. I read forums where guys speak about clean tones forcing themselves to play better with less slop.....their...
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    What key is this song?

    Was turned onto this group recently.....liking this group's "soul". In the short time I've been playing, part of my fun has been training the ear to correctly nail down a song's key w/o checking online tab. Am successful much of the time but get stumped now and again. This song is an...
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    Double checking before I tweak

    Had a professional fret level and dressing performed on my Epi SG four months ago and it was perfect.....the action was lower than ever before and buzz free up and down the neck. I'd done action adjustments myself in the past and used a capo, straightedge and feeler gauge. What struck me as...
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    Followup on annoying buzz

    Posted this subject 6 weeks ago and just following up. I'm not too concerned about this other than the fact my amp is still under warranty. I get an annoying intermittent buzz coming through my Boss Katana. Sometimes it's quiet as a mouse, other times the buzz is very audible. Only seems to...
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    modal playing

    I understand the difference between relative and parallel modes. I understand that guitar positions are simply that.....positions. I understand that each position contains all 7 modes but I'm having a harder time understanding what it means to "play modally". I'd define, maybe incorrectly so...
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    Intermittent buzz

    Really like this new Katana amp but here of late it's developed an intermittent buzz from an otherwise very quiet amp. I usually play early in the morning on very low volume so not to wake my wife. I'll finish playing, place the guitar in its stand next to my chair, then watch news at a barely...
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    Can too high of a pickup height cause unwanted overtones?

    I don't believe this is a case of "heightened awareness". Had my SG recently serviced by a local reputable luthier.....a fret leveling and re-crown. Nice job I might add.....beautiful polished fret contour, zero fret buzz with substantially lower action than it had. I'm hearing some odd...
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    Any reason why one can't run an electric thru an acoustic channel?

    The Katana Mk2 has a dedicated acoustic channel. James Ryan, one of Boss Tone Studio's Liveset contributors, EQ's his clean metal tone using a solid body electric into the Katana's acoustic channel. Have done my own acoustic channel tweaking and found I can get really close to the spanky...

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