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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Of my 8 guitars my Tele is the one I most look forward to picking up, ang my SG Standard (2015) a very close second. This, for my current love for clean tones.
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    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    Ladies 43 years togrther...awesome. Nice post.
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    NGD and NAD

    That's a GWD too man.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    Through my speakers and to my ears , the 57's have more bite, clarity of note and chime than the 490 / 498, from that video. Must say that I have lost quite a bit of high frequency hearing and I don't wear hearing aids. And I've only owned one came iith 57s.
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    New member NGD

    Welcome on.
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    Pretty close to the Early Carlos Santana guitar

    Come on. He has always played and sounded exceptionally well no matter what axe he played. Cut the crop.
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    wow never saw these in this color

    Raw, bad-ass rock machine.
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    It's that time of the year. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    "It's that time of the year. Happy Holidays Everyone!" Deserves a response, "Thanks and the same back to you. " Take care.
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    New member with new guitar

    Thanks for joining up and sharing your story. If you connect with this guitar you have hit the jackpot. Flaws IMO give a guitar extra character. I have a quarter inch dent on the fretboard of one guitar. It is my cheapest electric guitar by far, but it's the one that brings out the best lead...
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    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    Definitely not the case here Huntroll. Where can one go to get that kind of deal ?
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    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    I doubt that most sellers have inflation on their mind when setting their price for a used guitar. Some put fairness and decency into play, some don't. Buyer beware.
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    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    An '05 LP Studio with case and a beat up decal added is listed here for 1400.00 today. Many ads only take 20 % off the original price. Not sure why, when just a few years ago the reduction might be 40 %
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    The possibilities of the mid position

    My favourite tone is middle position with the coil split pulled up. Very sweet cleans there. PUs are 57s.
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    New member

    Welcome, from Canada. Great hybrid picking there. Working on that myself for the first time in my 49 years of playing. Not likely that I'll get that good. Do you play other guitars too ?
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    Hello from a newbie and SG some questions.

    Welcome on. Can picture that SG cranking out Sabbath in its heyday. Thanks for sharing.
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    SG to tech for neck work - questions to ask?

    Just wondering if a clip-on tuner is accurate for checking intonation. Play an open string, then play at 12th fret to see if you get the same result ?
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    SG in Top 40, 1966

    As a 12-year old in 1965, with parents into country, older siblings into The Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys etc, I realized how important music was. Remember trying to make makeshift guitars out of oval ham cans. I remember too, surprising the big family at the dinner table by belting out The...
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    57 Classic pu's vs Zebras...I believe that's one big difference. I own a 2015 Standard, changed out the nut and tuners. Great versatile axe even with its wider neck. Can't comment on the Special. Wouldn't buy without trying them out or reading lots of online reviews and fora.
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    Tony Iommi Tribute SG

    Not to be a smarte alecke, but I have gotten early Sabbath tones from many guitars / amp / pedal combos. Trick is to find a setup that doesn't buzz like crazy, and one in which you can easily punch into the solos. Teles, Strats, Gretsches, Yamahas, all can do it or very close. Find it much...

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