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  1. Richard

    1963 SG Jr. Best ever guitar for me!!

    1963, Cherry finish without any decolorization, Hardly any play-ware. A few dings in the body. Gator case, Hangtag, no fret-ware, featherlight resonant, baseball bat, Brazilian rosewood, fat P90, original wraparound bridge (soon to be replaced by Mojoaxe lightning bolt because of intonation of...
  2. Richard

    Detailed Photo's of a 62 SG Custom

    For all the collectors, vintage freaks and those who want to verify their guitar parts, here are some Hi res pictures of my 62 Custom. Enjoy![email protected]/sets/72157650934983988/
  3. Richard

    Les Paul SG Custom 1962

    Hi there, I'm new here and this is my first post on this forum. I'm from the Netherlands and play guitar for almost 30 years. The reason why i'm on this forum is that I can buy a vintage 3PU's Gibson SG Custom from 1962. I discovered that there are different models during that year and some...

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