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    SG in Top 40, 1966

    Song 23 on local (CFRA) radio top 40, check out the SG ...
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    Fender Champion 100 Amp Not So Great With SG Standard

    My Strat, Gretsch, Yammy, and Tele all sound great through my Champ 100 but not my SG. The SG sounds wonderful through other amps. Any one have the same experience? While I'm at it, should add that some of the effects don't work on the gain channel ? Any favourite settings on your Champ 100...
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    How is your 2015 Standard doing?

    I bought a 2015 Standard in 2017 with the robot tuners upgraded. Love the wider neck, and it's probably the best sounding guitar I've had on 48 years of playing. It is still faultless. I had a Bigsby put on by a well-known Tech, and it's great although I have to tune up often. Hey back in the...
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    Not enough room in the case, for an added Bigsby

    Hey, just had a B5 installed on my 2015 SG Standard. I have the high-end gold coloured case. When I close the case I have to push down about a half inch because the Bigsby takes up extra room. Should I store the SG out if its case...would it do harm to the Bigsby or anything else if I stored the...
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    Sweet Toner ! Coil-split with both volume controls in "up" position

    Anyone else use this tone? With my Vox amp, touch of compression, good bit of delay, trebles up a bit, pickup selector in middle position, both volume controls pulled up, tone buttons full on, I get a tone that can only be described as bright and happy. Sort of like a strat in position 2 plus...
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    New Member Here with two question about 2015 SG (String spacing, and Bigsby)

    Just got my first SG and found this forum so I'll introduce myself. Have been playing for 46 years, started a garage rock band for fun, and lately I've done an open mic, 6 weddings (instrumental fingerstyle) and a couple of other small gigs. Retired 2 years ago. I'm active on the Acoustic...

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