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  1. Tony M

    How would you wire this guitar?

    I would use 2 concentric pots and a 3 way toggle.
  2. Tony M

    Your Personal Top 10 of Guitarist Who Inspires You The Most!

    I do so realize that they (we?) all started out that way. I'm just giving credit to the unknown ones that keep at it. The players that have no dreams of fame or fortune. I did not intend in any way to cast aspersions on your idols. They all played their asses off to get where they are now. (For...
  3. Tony M

    Your Personal Top 10 of Guitarist Who Inspires You The Most!

    I would name them but the names would be meaningless to you. I am and have always been inspired by guitar players who are out there playing anyplace and everyplace, always giving it 105% night after night for years on end without being rich or famous. Guitar players who play in biker bars...
  4. Tony M

    Your Preferred Pick?

    Fender 354 medium.
  5. Tony M

    Who is the biggest poser??

    I've never given this even the slightest thought. They are not worth my time, whoever they are.
  6. Tony M

    "Last Call: Will sell Out, Make Offer."

    Marshall... Hiwatt...
  7. Tony M

    "Last Call: Will sell Out, Make Offer."

    Me too. Except: 1- Hiwatt instead of Marshall. 2- Mid 60's SG custom instead of SGLP. 3- No XKE, little Black Dodge sedan with a turbocharged Dodge truck engine. 4- My Doll was even younger, loves it when I gig and has been around waaaay longer. 5- BF Fenders instead of Vox AC's. ...and no...
  8. Tony M

    Is an SG with a cracked headstock worth keeping?

    I have an early 70's SG with a headstock repair. I have played that guitar on over a thousand jobs. It's not an issue at all if the repair was done right.
  9. Tony M


    I would use 3 volumes and a master tone. Wire the bridge and neck pickups to the toggle and use the third volume to blend in as much of the middle pickup "out of phase" sound as you want.
  10. Tony M

    Salutations from NYC

    Welcome to ETSG. You did very well indeed.
  11. Tony M

    Gibson using Chinese parts

    Can you say "profit margin"?
  12. Tony M

    D'Addario Universal Strap Locks

    Those look nicer than the Schallers. They also have a strap button that will work with a regular strap, which the Schallers do not do very well. I will get a set to try on one of my guitars. Thanks for the lead.
  13. Tony M

    First Song You Played On Your SG

    I honestly don't remember. I got the guitar, this used SG custom (not "vintage" - that word hadn't reared it's ugly head yet) on Feb. 1, 1969. I can say it was either a Jefferson Airplane or a Quicksilver Messenger Service song though because that's where I was musically when I got the guitar...
  14. Tony M

    One of the Best Gibson SG Players

    John and Stevie have something in common. Stevie is dead and John sounds like he's dead.
  15. Tony M

    One of the Best Gibson SG Players

    Misunderstanding here? I meant a dick move on the headliner's part, not yours. There. Now I have both feet in my mouth. :facepalm:
  16. Tony M

    One of the Best Gibson SG Players

    Robert speaks the truth. I offer an apology and a promise to try and be less of an a$$hole in the future.
  17. Tony M

    One of the Best Gibson SG Players

    What a totally dick move on his part. So besides being a "2 million meaningless gnat notes" guitar player he's also an a$$hole. I was at the Fillmore East when Mahogany Rush opened for Ten Years After. Marino tried to finish his set with a Hendrix-like version of the national anthem and got...
  18. Tony M

    Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

    A Princeton with a 12" speaker.
  19. Tony M

    CAT 5

    Glad you're OK.
  20. Tony M

    Sep.20-27 U.S. Climate Strike

    WTF? I thought all those people were going to Area 51 on Sept 20. I guess the event planners screwed up and double booked the date.

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