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  1. ruster1

    My Wife is the Best !! 2008 Diablo SG

    For our 25th wedding anniversary my wife (knowing my affection to SG's) sought out and purchased a SILVER (yes, 25th is a silver anniversary for those interested) Guitar of the month 2008 (December i believe). It is a rather hefty piece of mahogany cut out with like a faux arch top but feels...
  2. ruster1

    SHARPIE !! ouch..

    Recently added to my Young Family stable a Gretsch G6131-MY which is a fantastic guitar and I scored one from a musician who needed to thin the herd. It has a slight buckle rash on back but he strung this with 9's and put sharpie around the bridge in case he bumped it .. ouch.. nothing serious...
  3. ruster1

    De-Roboted SG 2008 metallic green

    Just picked up a good deal on a 2008 Green Metallic Robot.. I love the finish and features but hated the comments about the robot system from Tronical. This one was removed but unfortunately did not come with the old parts which I could have parted out. The finish is excellent in this metallic...
  4. ruster1

    SAMICK SG 450

    Finally pulled the trigger on the ultimate SG copy few weeks ago. December of 1997 made in Korea. Ran across it online and it stared at me for days until i bought it. For the price delivered under 2 bills, i am a happy camper. Only a few issues, as it has one ding of the classic "fell of the...
  5. ruster1

    Narrow Nut .. Nut..

    I have fallen in love with the 1 - 9/16 nut on the older SG's after purchasing my 76 standard recently. My fav size was 1 5/8 and wanted to try the SG in the 1-9/16 and fell in love with the easy open chord changes for my skinny fingers.. I know that GIBSON changed the SG nut to 1-9/16 in 1965...

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