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  1. pingdum

    Not an SG, but lots of SG parts

  2. pingdum

    5 String Tentone

    Here's a project I've been working on. I call it the 5 String Tentone because its 22in scale is between a Tenor guitar and a Baritone Ukulele. I started with an Epiphone Les Paul X-Press. It's tuned dD G B E. I've been using pretty much all SG parts. The pick-up is from an 82 Special II, the...
  3. pingdum

    I'm not playing my SG in this Wonder Years video

    But I am playing the Dad The Wonder Years - Dismantling Summer (Official Music Video) - YouTube
  4. pingdum

    Placement of Bigsby on SG

    Hey folks, I have an early 80s Special II. I'm getting a Bigsby B5 for it. What do you folks say is an optimal placement for it? It already has a roller bridge. I was planning on going to a store and take a few measurements to see what the manufacturers did. Also, the unit I'm getting doesn't...
  5. pingdum

    Uke-adelic Blues Action

    I've really been into my Ukuleles lately. Here's some songs: SnakeOilers and a video: Baby on Board it's a cover of the Be Sharps classic "Baby on Board".
  6. pingdum

    Zen and the Art of TFD---Out Now!!

    Hey, my band's new album is in stores now!! Check out The Jewel going crazy on: "Zen and the Art of Total F**king Destruction" Check out some cuts...
  7. pingdum

    Gibson/Kramer? SG

    Has Gibson bought Kramer? I kind of like the look of it. It seems suspicious that there are no clear shots of the headstock.
  8. pingdum

    Merry X-Mass video from me to you

    Feliz Navidad from me to all the rockers at ESG!!!
  9. pingdum

    ESP Viper (SG)

    I've been looking at some of these on line, they look pretty nice. Before I take a few for a test toast, I was wondering if anyones had or tried some and what your impression is. I like the 200 and the 500.
  10. pingdum

    Now it's time for the 80's

    I think this might be the same guy from that "Apache" video:
  11. pingdum

    Syd Barrett dead at 60 One of my role models. Only the truly insane can be truly creative.
  12. pingdum

    Now Here's a story worth talking about

    Utah’s top DUI cop cited for DUI Oh Boy
  13. pingdum

    New Tune for Movie Soundtrack

    Here's a new song my band did for a movie. The scene is an "Extreme Craft Fair" so we had to write a song about Yarn. I think we're shooting in November. I'll let ya know when it's out. Y.A.R.N. I used my Ibanez Les Paul and SG Special II for the rythym tracks and an Epi Les Paul...
  14. pingdum

    Rock and Roll is Dead

    Checking out the comments in this part of the forum reminds me why Rock and Roll is dead. The main theme seems to be: "Blindly do whatever the Government, The Police and Religion tell you to do" And you people call yourselves Rockers? It's pathetic.
  15. pingdum

    TFD rockin' the Basement

    Here's a few songs from my band playing a Basement party last weekend:
  16. pingdum

    TFD at DeathFest IV

    Here's some cool pix of my band at Death Fest IV in Baltimore Last weekend. 3 days and over 35 bands of real underground. Edit: Well, the auto censor won't let me use a dirty word in the code to dispay a link. You wouldn't actually see the word displayed, but what ar ya gonna do? So go to here...
  17. pingdum

    "Kill Your Boss"

    Here's from my band that we did for an EyeHateGod compilation. Apparently one guy from the band got caught looting a pharmacy during Katrina and needs some help. So there's an album of bands covering EyeHateGod songs. We did this song:
  18. pingdum

    Buck Owens - No more Grinnin'

    Adios Amigo
  19. pingdum

    Men are Sooo last century

    Well, I saw an ad for the Les Paul Vixen, the first Gibson made specifically for girls. And in the last Sam Ash catalog I saw they have a new line..."Carly"...for girls. And of course Daisy Rock is a runaway success. Pack it up guys, in western civilization our time at the top is over.
  20. pingdum

    SG Whammy Bridge

    I remember seeing a whammy/Bridge thing that fits Gibson guitars. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where to find it?

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