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  1. jtees4

    Pickups for an Epiphone Korina Flying V?

    I put cheap Guitar madness '59 (or were they '57?)(EBay) pickups in my SG Special....they were fantastic and extremely cheap. I HAVE bought expensive pickups....some are great too, but rarely better.
  2. jtees4

    Okay. Maybe I’m nuts or being stupid.

    I had one of those adjustable brass nuts on a Tele. It worked fine. In case it's not obvious the slot screw has to be turned in 1/4 turn intervals so the straight groove always has the string sitting in it. Only issue is that brass is soft, AND you can tear it up if it gets heavy use.
  3. jtees4

    Set up question

    This intonation stuff is interesting, in a boring theoretical way :cool: but seriously, it reminds me of my old Parker Fly Deluxe 1997, great guitar in every way but looks (I thought it was pretty), saved my life when it was the only guitar my bad back could handle.4.5 pounds! Anyway, I remember...
  4. jtees4

    (Kinda) NGD: 2014 SG Standard '61

    Just picked this 2014 one up earlier this week.....GREAT GUITAR, and I've owned many and played a real '61 Les Paul Custom (SG) many times during the 70's as my friend owned one, in fact it was the first Gibson I ever touched in my life. I prefer the smaller headstocks on the new ones, and I...
  5. jtees4

    Tell Him He's Dreamin'

    I honestly don't care what people's what they SELL FOR that matters. I do not pay more than I am willing to pay, and if I do....then I was still willing to pay it ;-) Speaking of which...I picked up a mint 2014 SG Standard 61 (a GC special run)....absolutely amazing guitar, the guy...
  6. jtees4

    Headstock snapped right off

    That looks great....luckily sometimes the worse looking break, the better the fix. Glad it worked out!
  7. jtees4

    What kind of SG do you have?

    2011 Gibson SG Special. Specials have a range of pickups, I am a humbucker guy now that I've gotten old. I used to be a P-90 guy....which were called "specials" in the 70's, never heard the term P-90 until years later. It is my every day go to guitar that stays on the stand. I've changed it many...
  8. jtees4

    Imagine an SG...

    I had a Vox SDC 55. It was a really great playing and sounding guitar, loved the bridge, had 15 switch positions and each once had a distinct sound. I didn't find it ugly at all...but there was a problem, it had the worst neck dive I've ever seen in any guitar (and I am used to SG neck...
  9. jtees4

    SG Scale Length?

    Interesting. My main guitar right now is a 2011 Gibson SG Special. I have a Guitar Madness '59 in the neck and a 490T in the bridge....I love the GM pickup for the neck. I did have the set with the GM bridge pickup, but didn't like it as much as the 490T. But as a set, it sounds better than the...
  10. jtees4

    Can you identify this 2016 SG 61?

    That is definitely a..................really cool nice SG!!!! Congrats!
  11. jtees4

    Les Paul?

    true...Back in the day (I was there) definitely did. I had no clue back then that he used a Telecaster...hard to get info in those days.I remember listening to Communication Breakdown and wondering how the heck he got that sound! :cheers:
  12. jtees4

    Biddlin' Foster

    WOW very sorry to hear this news...RIP Biddlin, knew you here and a few other places. You will be missed.
  13. jtees4

    Well - what did I do!? Tell me about this early 70s SG

    Cool SG, that's my only opinion.
  14. jtees4

    Les Paul?

    This thread explains better than I could myself...just why whenever there is a thread about "what guitar would you play if they stopped making the SG?" answer is always a 1961 Les Paul. :smile:
  15. jtees4


    I absolutely could the price! And if the import costs more, something is wrong!! By the way i own Gibson USA, Fender mex, and many imports....lately i like Schecters.
  16. jtees4

    Grounding issue puzzle?

    Exactly what I was thinking, you beat me to it. (if you're wrong at least I won't get blamed):smile:
  17. jtees4

    Have you seen this kind of guitar?

    Holy crap, I thought those pix were of a brand new guitar!! Amazing. Play the crap out of it.
  18. jtees4

    my new "Standard" got replaced by an .....

  19. jtees4

    Sell a Gibson, buy an Epiphone

    I've had many Gibsons and a bunch of Epiphones over the many whatever feels right and sounds right to you with your own money. I had great Epi SG's as well as great Gibson SG's, I tend to like the Gibson SG Specials (gloss not faded) and they used to be very cheap used too. I had an...
  20. jtees4

    Batwing vs non-batwing - school me...

    I have owned many SG's. I like them all, some more than others...but never because of the pickguard. Just the individual feel and sound of an individual guitar. Sure, if I am working on a guitars wiring, it's nice to not have to remove the entire guard etc. to work on the electronics...but not a...

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