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    What year Greco SG is this?

    Thank you. The guitar was good enough to turn it into something better.
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    I learned the hard way. I wanted a MIJ, white SG copy, and once I could afford it, the only option for weeks was a Greco, that looked alright in the few low res photos the seller uploaded, so I jumped on it, and only after it'd arrived did I learn about Greco having lower end series built at the...
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    The body looks very much like a Tokai SG (different horn shaping, and body contours, very uniform across the decades, my 2017-18 Tokai SG has pretty much the same body shape), and Tokai did build guitars for the Greco brand. Here's a Tokai built LP Custom from the Mint Collection era, and it...
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    Best SG guitar kit to build?

    Precision Guitar Kits.
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    Good MiJ SG copies?

    If you want a quick solution and an almost guaranteed happy ending, go for an Edwards ESG-120, still in production and very high quality (holds up to non custom shop Gibsons easily), with a nitro top coat on the finish and Seymour Duncans. They are usually light weight and have a fast playing...
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    Any decent SG kit guitars that are available from the UK?

    Precision Guitar Kits from the US (or Canada? I don't remember) They have a high quality SG kit that you can configure to your liking, and that is close to an ideal SG shape wise.
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    Is this legit? Custom Shop '63 Special RI

    Love this guitar, would be pretty happy to own one in Polaris white... As for the shoulder slope (as I call the above bevel) they do have it on the historics and the '61 RI-s too, and it's one of my fave details on an SG.
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    Is this legit? Custom Shop '63 Special RI

    Hi guys, the beveling of the upper horn on the linked Special does not look like the usual cookie cutter CNC-d style of CS SGs (which I really like tbh). Did the Custom Shop ever use this smaller half-moon bevel shape? Could this have been a one-off by request...
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    Tokai SG?

    It does look like a Chinese Tokai built for export.
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    Tokai SG-75 lacquer or poly?

    -------------------- didn't post anything of worth ------------------- (probably poly)
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    1964 SG Reissue horn shapes....

    I think it's a golden-mean kinda decision on Gibson's part. It's not as cold-chisel thick from the sideview as the regular production Standards, but still not as aerodynamic as the originals. On the plus side, the bevels are crisp and deep and the whole shape is appealing, apart from the too...
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    Annoying pickguard color question (opinion)

    A large pattern Dalmatian tort or tiger stripe tort would be pimpin'.
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    White SG's in Europe?

    That's a bit expensive, the similar Cherry red '63 directly from Japan would cost roughly USD 730 with a 20% VAT and 2,5% duty, but the white ones are pretty rare. Those are nice guitars, and it's already worn and the colour has aged nicely. White ones very often have sticker-sunburns, this one...
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    White SG's in Europe?

    @ OP: I hope both that you find your white SG (I love my Tokai SG92 in that colour) and that you won't look this creepy and arctic, holding your guitar like that...
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    Incoming NGD... Player Grade ‘63

    Lovely, congrats!
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    NGD: 1969 Gibson SG Standard (pics)

    Did it have a heel joint repair/rebuild? There are seam lines in both cutaways but no photo of the back. Very cool guitar regardless, congratulations!
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    SG Copy indentification

    EDIT: Okay, so it's an Encore 69, just with a set neck...
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    How does an SGJ "play/feel" compared to top line SG?

    EDIT:sorry for going off topic in the post below! (that Tokai should be golden though) Grumble... I did not check the item location... but $800 would still be a decent deal. The white one I own is on par with a '61 RI regarding quality and it's easily nicer than the standards I've tried so...
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    How does an SGJ "play/feel" compared to top line SG?

    That's a stupid deal right there... Someone grab it. It should have a chunky neck and build quality on par but likely better than a Gibson standard.

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