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  1. Tah-lee

    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    I would say they are not manufactured in the U.K. yet because their website says “each time you purchase one of our electron tubes it brings us closer to manufacturing right here in the U.K.”
  2. Tah-lee

    SG Menace.

    I have never seen one in person but I would definitely want one. The black hardware and brass knuckle inlay are so cool.
  3. Tah-lee

    Suggestions, experiences with adding Vibrato Bridge?

    Thank you so much. I’ve owned it for probably 30 years and it’s tattooed on my forearm from my elbow to my wrist. It weighs 7 pounds 9 ounces. The diamond inlays are gold from age. I wore the finish off the body where my forearm rests. I attended a master guitar class before a Dweezil Zappa...
  4. Tah-lee

    Suggestions, experiences with adding Vibrato Bridge?

    I have a Kahler on my 1976 SG. I love the fine tuners. It’s a very smooth tremolo. C788E803-AD28-4E2E-B331-40157946F139 by Bryan Tollywood, on Flickr
  5. Tah-lee

    And yet another fretboard wood...warning katalox content

    Forget about fretboard wear!! I'd be more concerned with the wear on your poor fingertips...maybe some cream before bed with a pair of rubber gloves over them so they soak up all the moisture?
  6. Tah-lee

    I'm not a 'Les Paul Guy..."

    Hello Col, I clicked on the link for the Les Paul / Marshall package...How dare you mock the price when Sweetwater was good enough to knock $8333.01 off of the list price. hahaha - just kidding....$21,000 + is way too much.
  7. Tah-lee

    Best Wishes to SG Lou

    Lou, if you are in good spirits, I'll admit that I found this post very funny! :naughty: Seriously, coming from a harwood floor installer, my thoughts are with you. I have a deep fear of power tools. I hope you mend soon! Bryan
  8. Tah-lee

    And yet another fretboard wood...warning katalox content

  9. Tah-lee

    And yet another fretboard wood...warning katalox content

    Thanks! The ebmm necks are the best in the business, and the roasted maple necks are the best of the best.
  10. Tah-lee

    And yet another fretboard wood...warning katalox content

    I've never played a Gibson baked maple fretboard, but I do have an Ernie Ball Music Man Axis with a roasted maple neck. It is hands down the nicest neck I've ever played...
  11. Tah-lee

    New '88 SG Elite

    Wow, I love that one - 1988 was my high school graduation.
  12. Tah-lee

    Pictures of our full Gear

    Right now, I'm playing the Gibson head through the Marshall bottom cabinet. The Gibson speaker cab is half open-backed, and I prefer the sound of a closed-back speaker cab. No pedals, just pushing the amp into a heavy creamy distortion. I play in a cover band, so I use three SGs for different...
  13. Tah-lee

    Another SG addict...

    I really like the matte black finish. Enjoy!
  14. Tah-lee

    Where have all the members gone?

    Hello all...I'm not an old-timer here, but I've been by alot less lately because I joined a cover band and I spend all my free time learning the songs. Buckcherry, Velvet Revolver, Godsmack, Jet, STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc... Have a great day, Bryan I am rocking the sparkle standard...
  15. Tah-lee

    Ah Shucks, NGD for the oldman

    I agree - hang in there, man. I hope you are doing better soon...
  16. Tah-lee

    What is the most you've ever spent on a guitar/amp?

    Gibson Ace Frehley Les Paul Budokan - 139 of 150. $4700...shhhhh, don't tell the wife!
  17. Tah-lee

    Burla gets a makeover

    Looks amazing outside - and those pickup rings are so nice.
  18. Tah-lee

    A message for unsupportive parents

    My parents were pretty supportive, but here's the important part of my story: I am the parent now. I am very supportive of my sons' playing. One plays bass and one plays guitar. After three years of lessons with mediocre instruments, they each got a sweet Ernie Ball Music Man for xmas last year...
  19. Tah-lee

    SG vs LP

    I agree with this statement. I used to have two of each, but I traded one of my L.P.s for my lavaburst SG. No regrets! :naughty:
  20. Tah-lee

    What do you do for a living and other hobbies thread......

    Hello Guys, I am a retired police officer. Now, I dispatch ambulances for a private company. I also take side jobs installing tile, stone floors, and hardwood floors. I am married with two sons (ages 12 and 15)...Noah plays bass (age 12) and Eric plays guitar (age 15). They both take lessons...