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  1. dumpster chicken

    NGD 2004 SG

    HNGD looks great, how does it sound/play?
  2. dumpster chicken

    Naughty Boy

    I saw a naughty boy sg jr on ebay, for $299. Obviously fro China. Sure looks good, does anybody have expierience with these?
  3. dumpster chicken

    SG Special on the way

    HNGD enjoy
  4. dumpster chicken

    NGD! 2020 SG Special

  5. dumpster chicken

    NGD - SG Tony Iommi Special

    Thank you
  6. dumpster chicken

    NGD - SG Tony Iommi Special

    Could someone please enlighten me, what features make it an Iommi sg special? It looks like a stock sg special to me. Thank you.
  7. dumpster chicken

    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I have DiMarzio '59s in my Tokai SG, and I love them. Would definately buy them again.
  8. dumpster chicken

    Strange Greco SG

    If it sounds good and plays good keep it and play it.
  9. dumpster chicken


    HNGD Now you can practice up on your Albert King licks.
  10. dumpster chicken

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    Great looking guitar. HNGD
  11. dumpster chicken

    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    I couldn't afford them at the old prices. Everything's about the same to me.
  12. dumpster chicken

    "Inspired by Gibson" SGs!

    HNGD I bet they sound as good as they look
  13. dumpster chicken

    My Wife is the Best !! 2008 Diablo SG

    Does she have any sisters?
  14. dumpster chicken

    NGD: 1999 SG Supreme Fireburst

    That's a fancy guitar right there. HNGD Congratulations
  15. dumpster chicken

    NGD 2021 SG Junior

  16. dumpster chicken

    Vintage VS6

    Beautiful wood grain.
  17. dumpster chicken


    Happy New Guitar Day Enjoy
  18. dumpster chicken

    Unusual photo

    Wow, somebody just won the lottery!
  19. dumpster chicken

    Can someone help identify this SG?

    OK, thank you.
  20. dumpster chicken

    Can someone help identify this SG?

    I have to ask. I thought a special has p90 pickups.