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  1. BlackSG91

    Against all logic

    GRONK! ;>)/
  2. BlackSG91

    Speaking of the 70s...

    Some of the rock bands that started out in the 1970's became real big throughout the years. ;>)/
  3. BlackSG91

    Speaking of the 70s...

    I was born in 1971 and remembered a few things. I had three older brothers...the youngest was 12 and a half years older than me. When our mother went to work, my brother who lived at home obviously threw parties at home. I've listened to all kinds of music. My brother was a big Frank Zappa fan...
  4. BlackSG91

    I knew it was coming.....

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss brother. It's a tough thing and you should know. As you know my story, I suffered depression and everything. I hope you don't get caught up in in alcoholism like I have. Keep's still been a bit of alcoholism for me also. It really hurts when someone...
  5. BlackSG91

    My 1st Acceptable Recording for School!

    Good try...keep playing my friend! You'll only get better. ;>)/
  6. BlackSG91

    Damn Disco!!!

    I love disco...especially boogie wonderland!!! ;>)/
  7. BlackSG91

    What do you do?

    Can you make a mean f**king cheeseburger? ...If you you can...yoo da man...oldrockfan!!! ;>)/
  8. BlackSG91

    What do you do?

    Speaking of burgers...especially cheese ones...Here's a video for some youngsters to watch...close your ears during the swearing parts...they are bad for your child's vocabulary! ;>)/
  9. BlackSG91

    My Apologies!!!

    Thanks for all your replies. At first I thought I was being mocked, but that is the past now. I just hope Bo Biddlin forgives me! He was very upset earlier and I hope we can be friends again...I love you brother...peace. ;>)/
  10. BlackSG91

    Luck of the Irish

    That's a really nice guitar! It's too bad your son didn't appreciate as you do, but you can't force someone to play any instrument unless their heart is into it. Let him play his stupid video games and you enjoy that bass guitar. It's a keeper. Maybe your son wants a Guitar Hero guitar...plastic...
  11. BlackSG91

    My Apologies!!!

    I've acted rudely on another thread which now I regret. My apologies to donepearce and Legendary Blues Man from Northern Califor-I-A who gave a lecture and was very upset with me. I hope he finds in his heart to forgive me for being a moron. I don't want to go into too much details, but I have...
  12. BlackSG91

    Not to be political here, but, REALLY come on ......

    Trump will be president and **** will hit the watch! ;>)/
  13. BlackSG91

    I don't wanna be here today!

    Take up a new identity like Burl Ives! ;>)/
  14. BlackSG91

    Happy Bastille Day...

  15. BlackSG91

    Mad Mag

    Too small for me to read! Can you lend me some magnifying glass to read it??? ;>)/
  16. BlackSG91

    NWD SEIKO Turtle Diver' s

    I own a Guess watch ($300) Gold and it works great. It also has the day, date and a 24 four hour time for all you watchful needs. ;>)/
  17. BlackSG91

    A Chat Room... have a lot of imagination for chat rooms. That's a good thing! I hope Alex reads this thread. I hope he does! ;>)/
  18. BlackSG91

    A Chat Room...

    Oh my goodness...was she ever hot looking! No bullet could ever penetrate her beauty. It reminds me of a joke I heard awhile back. Superman was flying overhead a building and he used his x-ray eyes to see who was in the office with the lights on. Wonder-woman was spread eagle on the
  19. BlackSG91

    what the heck is pokemon go?

    Smoke a few spliffs...and then you'll find him. Toker her man...toke it! ;>)/
  20. BlackSG91

    A Chat Room...

    Of course...I will be obliged to call you names if you like. And you can call me anything you want...but don't call me late for dinner! ;>)/