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  1. Huntroll

    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    Its hard for me to believe that's a real Gibson "final checkout" station shown in that picture. Get a load of the neck support cushioning apparatus. A couple of pieces of loose, cheezy packing material. Thousands of dollars of product go across this setup daily, don't you think Gibson would...
  2. Huntroll

    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    Apparently Gibson needs to add a "Cattywampus" check box to each product release card. Or maybe "Not Cattywampus" would be more appropriate.
  3. Huntroll

    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    The nice thing about Epiphone frets . . . They go over the top of the binding on the sides !
  4. Huntroll

    Customized 1960 RCA tube amp, sounds good !

    I finally got to hear some guitar through an old 1960 RCA TV/radio/phono console amp that I modified/resurrected today. To boost the guitars level a little first, I used a small solid state Vox amps pre-amp , nothing special. I was getting some really unique runaway feedback and sustain. In...
  5. Huntroll

    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    I bought a new Epiphone SG Muse recently and the quality and attention to detail was second to none. Easily as good or better than Gibson nowadays. Superb fretwork ! And at under $400, after wheeling and dealing, I was compelled to buy another one. They are both solid metallic colors with...
  6. Huntroll

    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    Not in my opinion. In fact, the exact opposite.
  7. Huntroll

    Changing bridge pot?

    I know my opinion isn't going to be very popular but . . . P-90's suck ! I don't own a single Gibson with P-90's. Only a couple of Epiphones I got stuck with. Gibsons are expensive, I've never been able to justify one with those lousy oversized single coil pickups. Somebody's got to say it.
  8. Huntroll

    Really nice wood 61 Standard, pics-

    The horn thickness and bevels look really good. They obviously put in the extra effort due to the killer grain. Definitely a keeper !
  9. Huntroll

    Next idea

    A little laser beam reflection could blind some folks with all that chrome ! Blame it on the Roadies !
  10. Huntroll

    Changing bridge pot?

    Have you measured the D.C. resistance of each pickup to get a handle on what's going on ? Here's how to do it - 1. Plug in a standard (known/measured good) guitar cable into the guitar. 2. Turn VOLUME and TONE controls fully clockwise. 3. With a DIGITAL VOLT / OHM METER set to the OHMS...
  11. Huntroll

    What can I expect getting a standard in addition of my special?

    Try to grasp my 3 unique body constructions, finish and electrical variations . . . '17 stock Standard with mahogany body and neck, smooth lacquer finish, stock humbuckers, std. non-switching control board. a '17 Faded Special with grainy, (to the touch), mahogany neck and body that I added a...
  12. Huntroll

    Using The Pickup Configuration’s That Guitars Are Coming With.

    Be on the lookout for a 2018 Gibson SG hp II. They have the PCB that has programmable pull-up pots for either of those functions. In my opinion printed circuit boards don't negatively effect the sound in any way. For a while there was a steady stream of these SG hp II circuit boards for sale by...
  13. Huntroll

    Billy Gibbons at Daryl's house

    That is some sweet sweet pinstriping - OWW !
  14. Huntroll

    Made my decision on an SG need some advice.

    Try to scrape up an extra hundred dollars to add to your next payment. Send in the payment, wait a few days, then you should be good to go. I always have them tell me the last few digits of the serial number of what they have to sell, then I select the guitar that has an ending sequence that's...
  15. Huntroll

    Visited a 2022 SG Standard

    Good luck with the one that's on the way, keep us posted ! I dug out my 2012 and it does show finer craftsmanship than my 2017. Without a doubt, it's the best one I own. If that 2010 is in perfect unplayed condition, you should definitely grab it , either way !
  16. Huntroll

    NGD 2016 SG '61 Reissue Proprietary Ltd Edition

    Now have Les Pauls' autograph diagonally across that white pickguard with a bold black sharpie !
  17. Huntroll

    Some help with pickups for an Epiphone SG Muse?

    I have 3 SG Muse's, The pickups that come in them are fine, the people that built those guitars made the pickups to the highest standards. In my opinion, sound wise, they're equal to the stock pickups in my 2018 Gibson SG HP's. I did install a pickguard on one of them and secured the stop bar...
  18. Huntroll

    New player

    If you get something like this - Newark NDX-500 You can load in a song, then lock the key its in, then slow it down and figure out every note. Back when I started playing, all you had was a record player to slow stuff down with. From the instructions -...
  19. Huntroll

    Anyone remember Tony's white SG?

    Ahh . . . The magic of an onboard LPB-1 !
  20. Huntroll

    Special NGD

    People really need to get over the notion that all stuff made in China is poor quality. I worked shoulder to shoulder with a guy from China for years, he had the utmost integrity and honor. The Epiphone SG's I recently purchased are fantastic !