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  1. Ne_buddy

    Speakers for 2 x 10" Closed-Back Cab?

    Hey Amp Gurus - I'm downsizing my guitar rig. I'm playing all kinds o' R'n'R with a Casino and a Riviera. But... I want to run my Ampeg V4 (100 W) through a Sunn 2 x 10 cabinet. So, what speakers to use? Naturally I'll need some heavy duty wattage to keep the speakers happy. I don't want any...
  2. Ne_buddy

    SG Classic & OHSC For Sale!

    Hi Y'all: I've been an ETSG member for years and have never pimped an axe here before. In any case, I'm selling my 2004 Gibson SG Classic with a locking OHSC. She's a beauty and in excellent condition. Stock, no mods. The ebay listing is HERE (click me). I'm willing to haggle with you if...
  3. Ne_buddy

    Adios SG Classic, Hola 50th Anniversary 1961 Epi Casino Reissue

    Brothers and Sisters, I never thought I'd see the day, but I think I am going to part with my SG Classic. I bought one of the MIC 50th Anniversary Casinos two weeks ago (pix later, promise) and, dang, if the Casino doesn't sound and play the way I'd always hoped the Classic would (and sometimes...
  4. Ne_buddy

    Wanted: Advice DIY Telecaster Project

    So, yeah, I've been bit by the build-your-own Telecaster bug. This is a project I want to undertake this summer with my dad who just retired and wants to spend time in his wood shop. Do y'all have any links to specs, instructions, advice, etc? Thanks for your sage input, ETSG'ers!
  5. Ne_buddy

    How to Bookmark Today's Posts?

    Hey, y'all. What's the web address for the list of the current day's forum posts? I would like to be able to open up to that page without pointing and clicking. Thanks in advance? :)
  6. Ne_buddy

    Seeking chords for "The One Who Really Loves You"

    Howdy y'all! I've been digging me some Mary Wells lately, but can't seem to find the chords for "The One Who Really Loves You" :). Anyone know these chords or tabs offhand? Many thanks!
  7. Ne_buddy

    Budget Acoustics

    I'm chomping at the bit here for an acoustic. Please share some of your insights on Brands and Models in the under $500 range -- and, hey, I mean well under $500, not $499, lads (and lassies). :coolsmiley: What's up with Hohner? And Washburn? And Seagull? And, maybe, Blue Ridge?
  8. Ne_buddy

    Rock and Roll Compilation Rec's, Anyone?

    Ok, I think y'all would be just the group to ask this question. Thanks in advance for your sage advice. Here's the deal. I'm teaching a college course on Popular Music as literature this coming term and I've got the texts ordered. I'm an English teacher, so you might say this a Dancing About...
  9. Ne_buddy

    Why doesn't The Who return to the old form?

    Tracks from Endless Wire have been popping up in my iTunes shuffle today. Each time, it made me recall my hope (before the album was released) that Pete would just do the sensible thing and write an album of pre-Tommy style tunes -- an album that just rocks with great lyrics. But that didn't...
  10. Ne_buddy

    The Who @ Superbowl XLIV - Odds on a Smash?

    Will Townshend smash a guitar at the bowl?
  11. Ne_buddy

    Any ETSG'ers Urban Pioneers?

    I've been urban pioneering most of my adult life, first as a college/grad student in Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, and now as first-time homebuyer in ATL. It seemed that every time I left a neighborhood, it gentrified and people either made a fortune or stuck around to make a great neighborhood. Not...
  12. Ne_buddy

    What Kind of Action Do You Prefer?

    As in the subject line, I'd like to know your point of view about the trade off between low action and fret buzz. I can't stand buzz, even if it's not audible through the amp. For ex., I got my Riviera set-up by a new tech and we're not communicating very well together. He's set it up for...
  13. Ne_buddy

    no ticket, no take it

    So, I decide to give my guitar an x-mas present, and I take it for a set-up at a local shop just outside the ATL. Nothing major is wrong with the guitar, a little fret buzz, intonation's a bit off, etc. The counter dude tells me the tech-meister won't be in until after x-mas. That's ok with...
  14. Ne_buddy

    A Psychic TV cover

    "Unclean" my version of the Psychic TV classic. Thanks for listening. Hope you enjoy, if possible.
  15. Ne_buddy

    Home Studio Progress (with pics)

    Got some vacation time and a bit of "blood money" from grading college entrance exams, so I decided to improve the studio. Haven't ever had a pair of decent monitors -- been using cans -- and went for low-end & decent: bought a pair of Mackie MR5's. Love 'em -- sound good to these...
  16. Ne_buddy

    Subwoofer Outputs

    Stupid question here, I suspect. But... My recording interface (a Digirack 002) doesn't seem to have an output dedicated for an active subwoofer for monitoring. Can I just use one of the spare regular outputs for the subwoofer? Thanks for your help.
  17. Ne_buddy

    Listening to Morton Subotnick's "Silver Apples..."

    Ran into a hippy trippy dude at the coffee shop near here in Atlanta. He had a crate of records (yes, vinyl!) that he was giving away. Said his sister was divorcing her husband who was a prof at Berklee and these were the records he'd left behind. Did I want to look through? Sure I did. I don't...
  18. Ne_buddy

    Radiohead w/ SG @ secret gig

    Read all about it & check the pic: Yorke with our ax of choice.
  19. Ne_buddy

    Big Sale @ Weber?

    Many of the Weber Signature speakers (12" models) seem to be on sale this month. Is $40 for a Weber Sig 12" a good deal in the opinion of our resident audiophiles? I've never played one, but I'm looking for a replacement for my Fender Blues Jr. Thanks! P.S. Here's the link. Check...
  20. Ne_buddy

    s/he's thin & made of tin

    Hey dudes & dudettes, I 'm posting this link to an original tune for a limited time only. It's an ne_buddy original entitled"]Anorectic Android[/url] (c) 2007. Enjoy. Oh, the song features an SG Classic & an Epi...

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